Everybody Is Kung Fu Fighting for Wins in Tiger Kingdom Slot

The pitch for King Fu Panda must have been a hard sell. We’re going to do a movie about a panda ramen cook voiced by Jack Black who is fat and was adopted by a crane and has to learn to become a kung fu master to defeat an evil leopard.

Despite the insane pitch, the movie was a huge success and spawned animal-themed kung fu versions of everything, including slots. Enter Tiger Kingdom slot from Relax Gaming.

Where’d the rest of the slot go?

Tiger Kingdom slot is deceptively simple looking. The first time I launched the game, I thought it was nothing more than a nice-looking three-reel fruit slot. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The slot integrates some great features, including Relax’s Infinity Reels, which gives the slot far greater real estate than its 3×3 format.


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Now to the theme. As I have alluded to, the slot’s theme isn’t exactly original. It leans heavily on the work done by the creators of Kung Fu Panda. However, for the most part, it’s well-executed. The background is stunning although a little animation would have been a nice addition. The reels themselves have many little theme-specific details which really add to the experience. All in all, I was able to forgive the lack of originality.

Where are all these reels coming from?

In 1962, Arthur C. Clarke stated that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Now, this may be a touch hyperbolic, but implementing the Infinity Reels feature in Tiger Kingdom slot is so slick that it feels a bit like magic.

So, what are Infinity Reels? Well, when you complete a winning combination in Tiger Kingdom slot, the reels will shift left, and the rightmost reel will be spun again. If the symbol that made up the original win appears, you’ll win again, and the reels will shift again. This will continue to happen until you get a respin that does not result in the appearance of the symbol that made up the original win. This gives you a chance for huge wins.


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The slot’s other party piece is its free spins feature that is unlocked with the appearance of three or more golden paw scatter symbols. Unlike most free spins features, Tiger Kingdom slot does things a little differently with what feels like a mixture between a free-spins and a hold-and-win feature.

Once a round of free spins is triggered, random cash prize symbols along with blank spots will appear in place of the slot’s standard symbols. With each free spin, the reels will shift left, and the rightmost reel will spin. If you add at least one extra cash prize symbol, the reels will shift left again. If not, the same reel will spin again. If you go three consecutive spins without adding another cash prize symbol, your round of free spins will come to an end.

When mixed with its high volatility, the slot’s simple 3×3 format means that it’ll be a challenge to grab those three golden paw prints to unlock free spins. However, you can also select to buy a round of free spins.

Is Tiger Kingdom slot infinitely entertaining?

Tiger Kingdom slot has a lot going for it. The Infinity Reels, the graphics, and that huge 23,918x max multiplier all make it a very attractive option. And for short gaming periods, I highly recommend this one.

However, if you’re looking for hours of entertainment, this one isn’t for you. Although Relax does everything they can to supercharge the gameplay of this simple 3×3-reel slot, there is really only so much they can do – there just isn’t enough there.

If you’re hunting for something with a little more in the tank, I recommend Beast Mode. The slot is also a brand new release from Relax Gaming and offers multiple exciting bonus features along with its more original animal-based theme.