Line up the Crosshairs and Fire Away at the Ducks Till Dawn Slot

A little bit of play on words will get you far in life and when Kalamba Games does it, it works like a charm. Quentin Tarantino made the audience feel a bit uneasy with his movie, From Dusk Till Dawn, but even he would appreciate the Ducks till Dawn slot. Swapping vampires in Mexico for ducks at the carnival is a smart move and we love it!

Moving targets is not a match for someone with your skills and when the ducks show up in your crosshairs, it’s time to pull the trigger. After all, with a €187,140 max win up for grabs it’s a game of shoot first, ask questions later. SpinBoost, CashDucks, Hyper Bonus and free spins are the reasons players have been longing for the game to roll into town.

To the Victor Go the Spoils

The carnival is a place of fun and games and will be decided across 6 reels and 4,096 paylines. It may look a bit old and creepy, due to the cobweb, raggedy prices and the horror movie soundtrack, but that it’s all part of the charm. If you are looking to win big, you’ll have to conquer some hurdles.


Play Now

You will be playing a high volatility game that will make the payouts even sweeter, not just the €187,140 max win. There is a nice and juicy 15,595x multiplier lurking around the area, ready to pounce, and with a very generous 97.69% RTP, you are in for a great night.

Take Aim and Fire

In true carnival fashion, the ducks will move across the shooting gallery, waiting to be taken down by you. If they enter your crosshairs and you manage to shoot it, you will get an instant cash prize.

With a bit of luck you can get more than one on the same spin which leads to a multiplier.

Trigger the SpinBoost

Each of your spins will build the SpinBoost meter and the longer you keep it going, the more free spins you will get. Sadly there is a maximum of 15, but don’t worry as that is more than enough.

It will take 3 of the crystal ball bonus symbols to activate your free spins and they can be retriggered by landing at least 2 of them.

Play Now

During your free spins, the crosshairs symbols come with multipliers and we don’t need to explain to you what that can do to your winnings, especially if you max out at 200x. Cha-ching!

Step Right Up

Sometimes you just want to get to the bonus round as soon as possible and that’s where the HyperBonus option comes in. Simply pay the price and head straight to the free spins.

You can choose between 7, 10, 15 or 20 free spins so there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to pocket some of that juicy free spin money.

Hurry up and Play

Who doesn’t love a good carnival? We sure do, which makes the Ducks till Dawn slot extra fun. It doesn’t hurt being able to rack up some big wins either so get in there and win before it packs up and moves onto its next destination.