Satisfy your lust for riches in The Faces of Freya slot

The name Freya translated from old Norse means “the lady”. And that she was… or is… or will be? She’s a divine mythical deity so it’s hard to say. What we do know is that The Faces of Freya slot is the perfect virtual embodiment to portray this incredible celestial “lady”.

Freya was the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, sex, war, and gold. All integrated within this magnificent slot by Play’n Go games. Wonder how they managed all that? Let’s have a look!

Freya, the original Wonder Woman!

First off, the attention to detail is outstanding. The sounds alone while playing this slot carry you off to some distant otherworldly plain. It’s almost as though you are listening to intricate sounds from an online role-playing game like World of Warcraft. But with the sound of coins dropping as you win continuously, you know this game has A LOT more thrill involved.


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Freya’s magical golden amulet is the most important symbol in the game. This symbol is the secret to success in Folkvang, the domain of the “lady”, which is where you find yourself while playing this slot.

In the setting of a gorgeous magical valley, the undisturbed remnants of old Viking ships from the fallen warriors are pleasing on the eye. This changes throughout the game when the special features come into play. The different phases of Freya’s power alter the landscape, which is yet another stylish detail in this slot.

The key to success

Back to the amulet. This is the Scatter symbol in The Faces of Freya slot and a very powerful one at that. Three of these and you’ll find yourself with 6 free spins, plus with some added features to go along with them. This feature will trigger free spins in one of three categories, Sorcery, Love, or War. One of these categories will be selected randomly with each having its unique effect on the reels.

Sorcery randomly selects the low-paying symbols on the reels and transforms them into a randomly selected high-paying symbol. Love adds between 2 and 5 Wild symbols to the grid, but only 1 per reel. War randomly adds multipliers of 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, or 20x to all wins for the duration of the free spins.

Does it get any better than this? Hell yeah, it does!

Freya’s Bountiful Domain

Manage to get 4 or 5 Scatters in the base game and magic happens. This will unlock the Folkvang feature, and here you’ll be playing through all three phases of Freya’s power. You will receive 5 free spins in each of the three levels as you progress through all three. In the end, you will receive another 3 or 4 free spins for the Folkvang Finale where all powers are combined for an EPIC ending to the feature game.

This would leave you with a total of 18 or 19 free spins with the incredible bonuses that come along with them. The Sorcery level will see the Shield and Axe symbol transform into the Wild Boar at the start. Should you receive more scatters, more of the symbols will upgrade to higher-paying ones. The Love level will add Wild symbols to the reels at random. The more Scatters you get, the more Wilds will be added to the reels.


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The last level before the Finale will be War. Here you will start with a multiplier of 2x which will eventually build up to 20x. The Scatters appearing on the reels will upgrade your multipliers and by the end of the 5 free spins, you’ll be pocketing some big-time cash. It doesn’t end there, as now you have reached the Folkvang Finale stage.

You will be granted either 3 or 4 free spins for this event. All the powers of the three levels are combined for one SUPER finale. No Scatters will be found here, but we assure you they are certainly not needed as you won’t be able to keep up with all the winning combinations on screen.

A sneak peek at the afterlife

The medium volatility of this slot allows you to ease in with enough thrill to keep you engaged. It certainly won’t take big bites out of your credits if you use this to your advantage. It’s quite a level playing field with this one. There’s also the prospect of big wins during the Bonus Features as a 94.2% RTP has your back through thick and thin.

Play’n Go Games has really knocked it out of the park with this slot. The details are exquisite. Once you are exposed to the pure exhilaration this slot provides, you’ll be asking for more – and there always is. The imagery is second to none, with well-designed symbols that function in many different ways. Take an early trip to the afterlife to visit this Divine Lady and her bountiful domain of riches and rewards in The Faces of Freya slot.