Get Your Hands on Big Booties in Pirate’s Pearl Megaways Slot!

I will hold my opinion of the Johnny vs. Amber saga for the sake of being a chilled-out chick, during this review. Or at least, I’ll try.

The reason these toxic lovers are even on my mind is because I’ve got Pirate’s Pearl Megaways slot on the cards for today. And we obviously can’t talk about pirates without talking about the dude that earned €300,000,000 from playing one of these rotten marauders.

But even as a rotten marauder he was sexy AF. Unfortunately, the Yo-Ho-Ho’er in this game isn’t as easy on the eyes. But he does help make things easy on the pocket… So, where are my fellow sea snobs at?

Big Pirate Energy

Pirate’s Pearl Megaways is a GameArt release, and it’s as thrilling as getting into a sword fight with Pete Davidson (I’d assume). PS. Rumors are never a credible source of information – and Kim is keeping hush.

I don’t know if Pirates of the Caribbean is just the only benchmark around (Captain Hook wouldn’t cut it), or if all pirate music sounds the same… But yeah, you’ve pretty much heard this soundtrack before.

The graphics are cool, and they don’t try to copy the Disney powerhouse. Instead of heartthrobs, we have, well, the opposite of those. So everyone can keep their panties on.


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Shake things up with the Ocean Battle

This 96.58% RTP slot has quite the lineup of features which include Yo-Ho-Ho! Megaways Respins, Sea Storms, Ocean Battles, and Free Spins. And that’s not to mention a Buy Bonus feature and Free Spins Gamble feature.

Yo ho ho, 3 respins are given out when 45 Mystery Black Pearl Ships are gathered. With each spin, more and more Megaways will land, giving you the chance to win with up to 117,649 ways in the Yo-Ho-Ho! Megaways Respins.

As for the almighty Sea Storm – it’s triggered upon collecting 16 Mystery Black Pearl Ships. In this feature, all lower paying symbols are replaced with middle and high paying ones for bigger and better wins.

The Ocean Battle is where things get all that more fun! You need 100 Mystery Black Pearl Ships to enter this beast of a bonus game. You’ll be battling the Enemy Ship with 6 tries to defeat it using cannons. The prizes for victory are huge multipliers… Up to x1,000!


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Gamble with the Free Spins feature

I’ve gotta say, GameArt presented us with something pretty different from what we are seeing every day. And I approve. Take the Free Spins for example. Yeah, they’re free spins. No biggie.

But… You can gamble your fate with them and try your luck scoring more free spins and higher multipliers. This is done by spinning the corresponding Pirate Ship Wheels.

Should you choose to gamble the Free Spins feature in this very high volatility slot then you could win up to 37 Free Spins with a x50 Multiplier. This is really cool! But also, you could lose your entire bonus round opportunity, and it could suck. Your choice.


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Your ticket to the Black Pearl!

Oh no, it’s not. If you want to ride this legendary ship, you’ll need to do it in a knock-off version at some theme park in The States. Don’t know if you’ve heard of it? Disneyland.

But in order to get to Disneyland, you should definitely try to go for the €160,000 max win in Pirate’s Pearl Megaways slot. It might see you running off with those big booties we’ve been talking about.