Get your rocks off in Stone Age slot!

Back in the day, life was hard. You’d have to get up at the crack of dawn to hunt giant sloths without so much as a cup of Joe in your belly. Then it was all “don’t step on that crocodile!” and “Look out for that poisonous mushroom!” And if that wasn’t enough, you’d have to grab your club and go look for a girlfriend – hard times, right?

No, life wasn’t easy. Thankfully, we’ve moved on since then but we can relive the glory days with Stone Age, the 5-reel, 20-payline slot game from Endorphina. So what are we waiting for? Let’s step back in time!


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Let’s get Paleolithic up in here!

The visuals for Stone Age slot look like they were created when the earth was forming. Which is, we guess, exactly what they should look like. The reels are cleverly “made” of squares of leather with images painted on them, sewn together and housed in a wooden frame.

The symbols on the reels are flint knives and tooth necklaces and hairy primitive people. When you hit the Spin button, the page defaults to full screen but I’m not convinced this is the best course of action. While it was fine to see the crudely-rendered images in their smaller format, having them thrown in your face in all their unrefined glory, only helps to make them look even more low-fi.

When it comes to the sound, this is where we feel Endorphina really dropped the atlas stone. Surely we would have been better off with some ooga-booga drum beats at the very least? So much effort on the visuals and nada on the soundtrack. Pity, that.


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Moving on to the gameplay, if the gods smile on you and you score a win, you’ll get the opportunity to play the risk game. It’s fairly standard stuff – you need to pick a face-down card that hopefully will beat the dealer’s.

If you’ve really excelled at your sacrifices, then another blessing might be visited upon you. Land 3 or more Scatters and this will set off the Free Spin feature, along with one special expanding symbol which is chosen in a rather elaborate, stone-wheel-spinning ceremony.


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Step back in time for Free Spins and Scatters!

Stone Age is definitely worth having a go at, purely because the game is so unique. While it does offer Free Spins and a risk game, that’s not exactly earth-shattering but the Max Win certainly makes up for it. The RTP is a decent 96% and the high volatility means big wins are waiting in the wings!

So if it’s simplistic, prehistoric thrills you’re after, then Stone Age is an option and Primal Megaways is another one worth checking out. Yaba-daba-do!