Save Your Fellow Humans and Get Paid Doing So in the Kaiju Slot

In a world on the verge of complete destruction, it is down to you to save mankind in the thrilling and futuristic Kaiju slot. We have seen heroes step up many times before but this is up close and personal, as you are humanity’s last hope. Lots of players talk a big game but can you back it up with an all-star performance on the reels created by ELK Studios?

If you and your reel-buddy, a female cyborg known as HA-42, choose to accept the mission at hand, the challenges will come in the shape of bonus symbols, vertical lasers and the epic Kaiju Battle bonus game. Honor is not your only reward as there is plenty of cash coming your way if you succeed, including a €130,500 max win.

Get you ready to show that you are the right person for the job and get paid for it!

Have No Fear, the Future Is Here

The streets in the city are empty after Kaiju’s appearance but this is where you will find the 5 reels and up to 7,776 paylines. Crystals and credit cards are the only valid forms of payment but don’t worry, your winnings will still be paid out in cold hard cash.


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Knowing there is a €130,500 max win in the mix will make it easier to deal with your daunting task and with a medium/high volatility and 96.30% RTP on your side, there’s no doubt you are ready to get the job done.

Bring on the Vertical Laser Feature

When you knock out a winning combo, a vertical laser will come in and reveal a secret row above with a wild. With this activated, you can easily form another win and add it to your total.

If you were to open up more than one wild, it would obviously lead to even bigger wins. Nice!

How to Get to the Kaiju Battle Free Spins

As soon as you land 3 of the HA-42, you will get 7 free spins. Each Kaiju has its own weakness and you need to expand the grid and hit these trigger points with your vertical laser.

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By revealing the wilds, you will set yourself up for success. As you expand the reels you will also get additional free spins up to a maximum 12.

When you have hit all hot spots with the laser, the monster is defeated and sticky wilds will appear. These will stick around (no pun intended) until you run out of free spins, so get ready to laser Kaiju as quickly as possible in order to maximize your winnings. Boom!

You Can Do It

We know, it’s a lot of responsibility but there is no doubt in our minds that you can pull it off. The human race counts on you and a dragon monster should not be what destroys us.

Take on the monster and be generously rewarded in the thrilling Kaiju slot.