Bring on the Baccarat in Two New Games at BitStarz!

Platipus has just dropped two new variants of baccarat for you to enjoy. Both tables are slightly different, catering to specific players and their play styles. Baccarat Mini and Baccarat VIP are both well-produced games, giving you an enjoyable way to back the banker or player in a bid to scoop up huge wins.

Let’s meet the two new additions from Platipus and give you the inside scoop on how you can clean house and take home the cash!

Baccarat Mini

Baccarat is well known for being the ultimate casino game, designed for high rollers who want to drop more than $100,000 in a single round. Fortunately, online baccarat lowers these bet limits significantly, but none more so than Baccarat Mini. Bets start at €0.2 per hand, giving beginners the perfect way to find their feet in this magical card game. Maximum bets top out at €20 on a tie bet and €10 on all other bets, meaning your winnings will get capped to a maximum of €160 for a tie bet and €20 for player bets.

Baccarat VIP

While the feel of Baccarat VIP is exactly the same as Mini, there is one huge difference between the two games. In Baccarat VIP, betting starts at €2 and tops out at €200 on a tie bet – both player and banker bets are limited to €100 max bets. This caps the winning potential at €1,600 for a tie bet and €400 for player bets.

Play in Bitcoin

One of the greatest features of Platipus games is the fact you can play with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. To take advantage of this feature, all you have to do it load up your account with crypto and switch to crypto betting. No fuss, no nonsense, when BitStarz and Platipus combine you’re never too far away from edge of your seat cryptocurrency casino play.

Quick Play for Impatient Players

If you hate waiting for the dealer to turn over the cards and reveal the outcome of the hand, both of these games are definitely for you. This is because you can control the speed at which the game is played, and the automated dealer doesn’t hang around. As soon as you hit the deal button, play commences and the cards are all dealt face up. If you prefer a little more suspense in your baccarat sessions, you will love Baccarat Squeeze.

Platipus has created two fantastic games for both high rollers and newcomers to the baccarat world. Every time you play a hand, you will earn points and climb up the Table Wars leaderboard. If you place in the top 30 at the end of the week, you will win a slice of €1,000 – so there is no time like the present to give these two new games a try!