Cash in on Reel After Reel in the Gods of Gold InfiniReels Slot!

Deep down into an ancient treasure chamber is where NetEnt will take you for your next adventure with their latest game release. Attempting to help a trapped pharaoh in his quest for life was never on our bucket list of things we ever thought we would do and most likely not on yours either but if you have any interest in the gold that is in there, this is the way to get it. The Gods of Gold InfiniReels slot has a bit of a darker aura but the money that’s up for grabs brings on a whole new light and the rewards are much too appealing to turn down the mission.

With features like Respins, Multi-Slam and Win Spins, you would think that’s all this game needs but it is the InfiniReels that is the main attraction and also your ticket to the big bucks like the 5,000x multiplier and the max payout of €1,000,000! Does this sound tempting and rewarding enough to help the pharaoh?

Looks Can Be Deceiving

The dark chamber where all the action will take place is a 3×3 grid with 27 paylines, at least in the beginning. Besides a few glimmering gemstones you will see 4 quite exotic symbols worthy of extra attention on the reels. These four are the king and his queen, a bull and an owl and they are not amused.

If you want to max out on the symbols, it’s the king that is your best bet and will pay 160x your stake if you manage to land 10 of him.

InfiniReels Just Keeps on Going

Just like a ferris wheel at the amusement park, the ride that sticks out the most in this game is the InfiniReels machine. When you start your spins, there are 27 paylines at your service. The trick with the InfiniReels is that with every winning combination you land, a new reel will be added on your right. Keep lining up the wins and new reels will magically keep appearing.

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However, the fun doesn’t stop there. With each new reel, the number of paylines will increase significantly. Every new reel will multiply them by 3 so if you make it all the way up to 8 reels it means there will be 6,561 paylines ready to knock down some thunderous wins for you! Pretty damn cool right?


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Watch out for Guaranteed Wins

During your play, there are a couple of random features that can add a little something extra for you. The one thing they have in common is the fact that they guarantee a win. Say what?

Respins – When your winning streak stops and no more reels are added, this little helper can be randomly triggered. A normal respin is nothing new but this one comes with a guaranteed win.

Multi-Slam – This feature will also come alive at complete random and each time it will bring on an extra 2 or 3 reels and just like the one respins above, it comes with a guaranteed win.

Your Path Towards Success

With all the information given to you above, your path towards a successful mission should be cleared. This will give you time to check out Slot Wars, as your progress will coincide with your play and if you play good enough and break into the top 40 of the leaderboard, you will get a piece of the €5,000 pie up for grabs each and every week. Get in there and get what’s yours!