Want to bet with Bitcoin Cash? Keep on reading!

Cryptocurrencies are all the rage right now but with so many variations to choose from, you’ll be needing a guide to help make sense of it all. And that’s where we come in! As one of the leading crypto casinos in the world, BitStarz will be your guiding light.

You might have read our articles on Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Litecoin where we got to grips with what crypto is and the benefits of each of these alternate currencies. In this article, we’ll be focusing on how to bet with Bitcoin Cash.


What is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) grew out of a scaling issue with the OG of crypto’s, Bitcoin. As increasing numbers of people started jumping on the Bitcoin train, the 1MB blocks on the blockchain started to get full.

The upshot was unreliable transactions and much higher fees which undermined the usefulness of the original system. This led to a rift in the Bitcoin community with one side arguing for increased block sizes while being censored by the other side who wanted to keep things as they were.

Fast forward to 1 August 2017, and the developers of Bitcoin-ABC initiated a hard fork – a radical change to the network’s protocol. It meant that the blockchain network was split into two paths – one that followed the original route (Bitcoin), and one that became an alternative version (Bitcoin Cash, which increased the block size to 8MB and subsequently to 32MB).


What are the benefits of Bitcoin Cash gambling?

Bitcoin Cash has several advantages which make it an attractive cryptocurrency to gamble with:

Very low fees – according to an article published on 7 May 2021, the average Bitcoin Cash transaction cost around $0.03 while Bitcoin transactions cost around $20 (and they’ve even hit the $60-mark before)

No chargeback – Enjoy no voids, refunds, chargebacks, or fraudulent charges

Transaction turnaround times – Bitcoin Cash has far shorter wait times than Bitcoin. BCH’s network can handle 116 transactions per second, while Bitcoin’s network can only manage 10.

Of course, all of the other cryptocurrency advantages (anonymity, security, avoiding geo-blocking, fast payments and withdrawals, and saving on costs) are also applicable to BCH gambling.

Can Bitcoin Cash make you rich?

When it comes to BCH as an investment, there are differing schools of thought. On the one hand, some believe that its scalability and low cost will see it rise in popularity. Others argue that it’s not well known and is already behind the curve. The choice to use BCH as an investment is up to you.

How can I get Bitcoin Cash?

The first thing you’ll need to do is head on over to an exchange. These are businesses that allow you to buy and trade in crypto. The most popular exchanges are considered to be Binance and Kraken but there are many others. Here’s a link to a Forbes article where these are listed and reviewed.


After you’ve bought your crypto, it’s best to move these to a secure wallet. Certain exchanges have wallet features but it’s better if you move your Bitcoin Cash to an external one that you control.

There are loads of wallets to choose from. Just take a look at Bitcoincash.org – these wallets will be optimized for BCH.

Do note though that in our experience, getting your account or bank cards verified on these exchanges and wallets can be quite challenging and there usually isn’t much in the way of support. These aren’t insurmountable challenges (millions of people are using them, after all) but forewarned is forearmed. Be persistent!


Another alternative is to set up a MoonPay account. When you buy Bitcoin Cash with your credit card, the amount you purchased will be sent to BitStarz as BCH. Easy peasy! It’s just another reason why we’re the best Bitcoin Cash casino around.

Depositing and withdrawing with Bitcoin Cash

To deposit Bitcoin Cash on BitStarz, you’ll need to have created an account with us. Then you can either hit the “Deposit” button or go via the pop-up on the Home page, or through your Account option under your profile.

If you’re depositing via the Home page, you can select your currency (BCH) in the pop-up window, then select your bonus (oh yeah, Bitcoin Cash gets this too!). Next, you’ll see a window with a QR code – that’s the depositing address that you’ll need to scan via your wallet.

If you go via your Accounts option, you’ll need to add BCH as a currency and then click “Deposit”. There’s some material for you to read but this won’t take long and you’ll be able to bet with BCH in no time,


Games you can play with Bitcoin Cash

Now that we’re all set, the question becomes: what games can you spend Bitcoin Cash on? While it’s hard to pick from all of the wonderful BCH slots on BitStarz, some of our favorites are:

But there are many more where those came from! Simply point your browser to the Bitcoin Games category and scroll down – you’ll see all of the games that accept Bitcoin Cash by their purple stripe and of course, the giveaway is that they’re branded “BCH”.

We hope we’ve been able to shed some light on why gambling with Bitcoin Cash rocks, and why you should consider using it. And now, dear Bitcoin-Cash-playa-in-the-making, we wish you the best of luck, and may your crypto fortunes continue to rise!