Spin the Gamble Wheel and Rake in the Cherry Pop Slot Cash

Boosted exercise recovery? Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds? Improved sleep quality? The key to all of this good-for-you loveliness is spelled c-h-e-r-r-i-e-s and is very good for you but we didn’t know they were a €281,930 max win good!

We have popped, locked and seen our fair share of fruits on the reels over the years but not quite like the latest release by AvatarUX. The Cherry Pop slot is part of the innovative PopWins slot series where the reels will expand just like your chances of winning.

Treat your body to a much needed cherry popping vitamin boost and use the Gamble Wheel and free spins to scoop up all the cold hard cash you can grab. Deal?

Let’s Pop That Cherry

The disco colors are in full bloom and the 5 reels with 243 paylines delivers a Miami Vice meets the future type vibe. Not happy with the number of paylines? Don’t worry, just keep reading.

This is a classic fruit machine so sticking to basics is in its nature but with the futuristic twist, you’re in for a surprise with expanding reels. The bubbly cherries will give you the biggest payout as the highest value symbol so keep ‘em coming!


Play Now

Cashing in on a tasty €281,930 max win will make you even fonder of cherries and with a 56,386x multiplier in play, this is going to be fun. The fact that the game has low volatility and a 96.20% RTP makes things even more exciting. Your bet level is set at a lower €5 but as you can see, that won’t stop you from winning big.

Turn On the PopWins

Every time you land a winning combo, all symbols involved will pop and disappear before being replaced by new symbols. Not only do you get a new shot at a win but the reels and paylines will increase as well.

If you can keep this going, the reels can grow up to 6 rows deep, giving you an easier time to land more wins. The awesome PopWins will keep coming until there are no more wins and everything will reset when it happens.

How Maximize Your Free Spins and Multipliers

So, how can you trigger free spins and get to the big bucks? The trick is to expand all 5 reels to their full potential, 6 rows deep. This will trigger the feature and during free spins, you can go as big as 9 rows on each reel, potentially bringing your paylines all the way up to a smashing 59,049!

As we mentioned in the base game, everything normally resets between spins but not this time. Your reels will unsteady only drop as low as your shortest reels so try to get them as big as possible and they will stay.

To make things even more exciting, your free spins starts with a 2x multiplier but with every PopWin, the multiplier gets a +1 boost. This can make a massive difference to your winnings so the more you win, the bigger the wins. Cha-ching!

Spin the Gamble Wheel

There are 3 levels of free spins and in order to determine how many free spins you’ll get, you need to spin the Gamble Wheel. In order to get more spins, you need to be willing to gamble.

Starting at 5 spins, you can level up with +3 to 8 spins, followed by 12. It’s a risk as you’re putting your spins on the line but the thrill of turning your 5 spins to 12 can get you the monster wins you are looking for. Come on, daredevil!

A Breath of Fresh Air

There’s nothing wrong with a game being basic but this one is full of exciting features, with the real excitement coming at the Gamble Wheel. The Cherry Pop slot is a breath of fresh air and definitely worth a visit. Big wins are there for the taking so get out there and be a winner!