You’ll Need to Stock Up on Toilet Paper for Green Chilli 2 Slot

The science of why it hurts to poop after spicy food is that a chemical in the spice irritates the bowl, which causes a reaction from the body, forcing it out before it’s fully digested. The undigested chemical that caused the whole thing then irritates the skin of your rear end, causing the pain. It’s a vicious cycle. Now that you’ve got the science down, let’s get down to the spice!

If you’re going to get caught on the toilet, you might as well have something fun with Green Chilli 2 slot from 3 Oaks!

Flaming hot reels

Green Chilli 2 slot features five reels and 25 paylines. The slot’s base game is a little devoid of bonus features, with a simple wild being the only one.


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The appearance of three scatter symbols will trigger a round of free spins. Once triggered, shifting wild symbols will become active. These wild symbols will appear on the reels stacked and will become sticky. The stacked symbols will then move down one space with each spin until they fall out the bottom.

In addition to a round of free spins, the slot also features a bonus game that is triggered with the appearance of six or more chilli symbols. The more chilli symbols you collect during either the base game or during free spins, the more likely you are to trigger the bonus game.


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Once triggered, a new set of reels will be displayed, and only the feature’s jackpot, bonus, multiplier, and collect symbols will appear. Mini, minor, and major jackpot symbols appearing on the bonus reels will award the corresponding jackpot amounts. To score the Gran Jackpot, you will need to fill up all 15 spots of the bonus reels with any type of symbol.

Is Green Chilli slot too hot to handle?

Green Chilli slot was launched just less than a year ago. While the background has been upgraded for Green Chilli 2 slot, the rest of the slot is virtually identical. The only feature that has been added is the collect symbol that may appear during a round of the slot’s bonus game. It’s a little disappointing, if I’m honest. I think there was some real fun to be had here, and it was squandered for what was easy.

The slot has high volatility, which means you’ll be unable to rely on small, consistent wins as you chase the rare big wins. The 5,524x max multiplier means that you’ll have to be betting at €45 a spin to play for the €248,580 max payout. Green Chilli 2 slot has an RTP of 95.6%.

If you’re looking for a slot from 3 Oaks that’s equally as fiery but less harsh on your rear end, I recommend giving Coin Volcano or Book of Sun a try.