Fresh Donuts and Even Fresher Wins Are Served in the Donuts Slot

You don’t need to be a cop to love the simple yet magnificent and oh so tasty creations we refer to as donuts. Come on, who hasn’t stuffed their face with glazed, jelly, Boston creme, chocolate frosted and let’s not forget about the donut holes. Big Time Gaming felt it’s time to give us all a treat and their new release Donuts slot will definitely make your mouth water.

It feels like we may have even gained a few pounds just by spinning these reels and to make up for any potential weight gain, there is some nice money to be made here as the wins are almost as juicy as the pastry itself.

You can satisfy your sweet tooth in this game with a box of 4 donuts, up to 30 free spins and x50 multipliers together with plenty of other calorie bombs so what do you say, shall we go grab a dozen or two?

Welcome to Donuts, How Can We Help You?

This is a perfect backdrop for a slot like this where the road leads to a donut shop in the middle of the desert. All 4 cash registers, sorry we mean reels, are open for business and to spice up the offer, today’s reels come with a side of 4900 paylines.

The jukebox is playing along as the wild and donuts will keep you company on the reels but then there are the boxes which can actually hide a surprise. It can reveal 4 donuts or maybe even a very useful x4 multiplier. Now that’s what we call a win win, folks!

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How to Get Yourself a Dozen Free Spins

One of the more helpful symbols when it comes to getting wins are the gold donuts. In order to get to the bonus feature you will need to land 3-4 of them which will then result in you getting a dozen or 20 free spins.

Don’t be surprised by the reels as the setup is different from the one in the base game and instead of 4×4 reels, you are now playing on 16 individual reels. Two symbols are the only ones in play and each reel will be either empty or showing a gold donut symbol on each spin. You will get 3 spins for starters and with each gold donut that lands you will not only get a multiplier of up to x50 but the spin count will also reset at 3, so keep on spinning for as long as you possibly can.

Pile up the Wins

It takes a certain type of strength to refrain from getting in the car and hit up the nearest donut shop after this. While you pile up the yummy wins in this sweet slot, don’t forget about Slot Wars where you can win more money towards your donut budget just by playing the reels like normal. Climb the leaderboard and get a share of the €5,000 prize pot BitStarz is giving out each and every week.