Stir Up Trouble, Noise and Big Wins in Punk Rocker Slot!

The punk movement spread throughout the UK in the early 70’s, ushering in a whole new music and fashion scene. Suddenly it became fashionable to wear frayed clothes and Levis with holes in the knees – something that five years prior would have been looked down upon. Punk was all about going against the grain, and to a certain extent, being brutally honest about how the failures of institutions impacted the people.

So, it’s time to head back in time to an era that’s on its last legs as we spin the reels in Punk Rocker slot!

Bigger Tours and Bigger Wins

In the 70’s, bands were no longer formed by people that were experienced musicians and those that knew how to play instruments. Suddenly, anyone that could afford to buy an instrument and strum or hit it was now starting their own band. This new sound was welcomed by the people, much like the big wins on offer in Punk Rocker. The punk themed and vibe flows through Punk Rocker’s veins like the concoction of drugs that would have flown through various band members of the great punk rock bands. It’s an incredibly simple game to play and you can have oh so much fun playing. Packing a massive max win of €226,080 from a single spin, the win potential is totally out of this world. Be warned though, this max win might be a little hard to obtain as it’s a very high volatility game.

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Get Ready to Bring the Establishment Down

Every punk’s greatest ambition was to bring down the establishment in favor of a more relaxed and enjoyable society, and the punk movement came incredibly close to achieving just that. When you’re spinning the reels you can get in on the action by collecting three or more bonus symbols, triggering Anarchy Free Spins. Here you’ve got a handful of spins to win as much cash as possible. Thanks to the help of floating wilds that move around the reels, you can rack up some pretty juicy wins – more than enough to start a protest and a new band. At the top of the reels, a London Underground train will pass with different bonuses, ranging from multipliers to Xways, so let’s hope your punk wild skulls can land under one of these bonuses and put you on the path to glory!

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Start the Next Civil War

Britain hasn’t seen a civil war since the 1600s and the punk movement was never really close to starting another one. Nevertheless, you’ve still got the chance to live the feeling of what this civil war could have been like in the other bonus mode on offer. Simply land three or more bonus symbols on the reel with the bonus column deciding on Civil War Free Spins. Here, you’ve got more spins than in Anarchy Spins to win tons of cash, with the same London Tube train dishing out epic bonuses to help you along the way.

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Don’t miss out on this epic punk themed game, it will change your life. There are crazy big wins on offer, the background soundtrack is very well made and the graphics are rather nice. It’s got the perfect punk vibe, and one would go as far as suggesting that this would have been an even bigger hit than it already is back in the 70s!