Get Inspired by These Slots and Plan Your Next Great Road Trip

A great road trip is hard to beat and the memories will last a lifetime. Depending on what type of vehicle you choose to travel in can have a major impact on what kind of adventure you will have but regardless of your choice, the fun is very much up to your travel buddies. The slots below will give you a little teaser and can also contribute greatly towards the travel budget. Let’s see if you can find some inspiration while you start planning your next highway adventure!

Crazy Cars – Wazdan

Speed kill they say, but it can also get you a nice pile of cash, as is the case with the Crazy Cars slot. The adrenaline rush starts as soon as the game is loaded thanks to the blood pumping sound effects. Up to 30 free spins can be won in one go so hit the track and get ready for some real speedy action when the signal turns green!


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Monster Wheels – Microgaming

Rarely have we seen such a collection of drivers like we do in the Monster Wheels slot, but since you will hopefully leave them all behind in a cloud of dust, you won’t need to pay any attention to them anyway. Your only job is to be the first one to cross the finish line and with your pockets full of cash, they will all want to be around you after the race just to get a glimpse of your life as a winner. Put on a show and let them know who’s the boss!


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Blazing Tires – Spinomenal

Beers, hot babes and diesel fumes pretty much sums up the exhilarating Blazing Tires slot. This beast of a slot will hit the spot with any engine fanatics out there, as well as any feisty women who are not afraid to knock back a few cold ones. When the gear shifts to 12 free spins, get ready for some tire burning action and wins worthy of an 18 wheeler!


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Wild Trucks – Habanero

The tank is filled up to max and you notice the dice hanging from the rearview mirror starting to dance as you turn the ignition in the Wild Trucks slot. When the horses start to work underneath the hood as you shift gears and take off down the highway, you know you are in for one high octane adventure! But before you hit your cruising speed on your journey towards the big wins, you need to strap on your favorite trucker hat and blast AC/DC’s Highway to Hell. Let’s go!


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Add to Your Travel Budget

Don’t forget that Slot Wars can also be a nice contribution to your travel budget. Just keep playing and climb into the top 40 by the end of the week in order to get a piece of the €5,000 pie being handed out every single week!