Summon Your Inner Ghost Rider and Get Mad with Road Rage Slot!

The morning rush is madness, and I think it’s safe to say we’re all guilty of a little (a lot of) road rage – unless you’re a zen master or someone who is overly tranquilized.

And even if you are the chilled type, landing up with a Karen behind you in bumper-to-bumper traffic is bound to land you in a world of hell. There’s no reasoning with someone who demands what’s beyond the scope of normal. Shame.

The streets are paved with miserable people. If only we could just get out of our cars and slap some sense into them. Oh, wait… We can. But we shouldn’t.

If you work from home or live on a deserted island, then Road Rage slot will show you what you’re missing.

Move it granny!

If any game gives me total anxiety, it’s this one. The soundtrack alone is enough to bring on that PTSD of when a soccer mom cursed at me for not accelerating the split second the traffic light turned green. That b*tch ruined my whole day. “Like calm down, lady, seems menopause isn’t working out so well for you.”

Anyway, who else would think up such a geniusly detailed game other than Nolimit City? All the number plates are personalized to describe the kind of drivers you’ve got behind the wheels.

There’s K4R3N 69, moaning at someone on her mobile. 420 GRAN, a proud pothead. SPILL3D JOE, the coffee cup crusher. 4RI5TOC4T, a rich old bastard with zero tolerance for anything and anyone. And, UK 4RT3M, the dude who throws his toys out the cot.

Imagine being stuck in an elevator with these guys? I’d cozy up to the granny. She seems cool.


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Who doesn’t love a Highway Jam?

Definitely not the Aristocat… He’s resorted to chewing his steering wheel. Anyway, Road Rage slot is jam-packed with features for us. There are 3 Free Spins versions to trigger, which you can do by landing the designated number of Scatters on the reels or by using the Buy Bonus function.

You’ve got Morning Rush, which requires 3 Scatters to activate. Highway Jam requires 4 Scatters to start, and City Mayhem requires 5 Scatters to trigger.


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What about the Rage Buff?

At the beginning of each of these bonus rounds, the Rage Buff will do its bidding for you. It will decide any extra spins and multipliers that will be added to the Wild Cars that dictate the free games.

Wild Cars will land on the last reel, and move through the screen to reach road sign symbols.

These symbols include Stop Signs, Turn Signs, Car Signs, Speed Bump Signs, Dice Signs, and Free Spins Signs. These signs will have the Wild Cars redirecting their way to getting you better spins and bigger wins.

Yeah, you’ll be doing U-Turns, Drive-Bys, and all sorts of stunts in your Wild Cars to get closer to that €360,000 maximum win.

My favorite Free Spins version is City Mayhem, so shift for that one if you can.


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Summon your inner Ghost Rider can get mad with Road Rage!

This slot has Nolimit City written all over it, but there is one difference between this and the others – it’s got a high volatility. Not extreme. Thanks guys, how kind! And the RTP is 96.03%.

It’s basically a movie… there’s a very clear and clever story, the graphics and soundtrack are insane, and the gameplay is just genius.

Give Road Rage slot a good slam – just don’t do it in a traffic jam because A) that’s illegal and B) it’ll piss you right off!