Shoot up the King of the West Slot and Cash in on the Bounties

Tumbleweed has always had an undeservingly bad rep, considering the fact it’s always connected to something being boring or extremely quiet. You may spot some of it blowing across your screen this time as well but trust us when we say there’s nothing boring about the sharp-shooting King of the West slot.

Armed to the teeth, bandits are rolling into town and if you want to take on the role as the bounty hunter in this Wild West showdown, you better be coming in hot with guns blazing. Each spin comes fully loaded with a carousel of cash rewards and free spins. Figure out a way to get it all and a €250,000 max win will be in your saddlebags before you know it.

Hi ho, Silver – let’s ride!

In It to Win It

Today’s shootout will take place across 5 reels and 20 Blueprint Gaming paylines. With whiskey, guns, wagons and a whole lot of gold filling up the reels, you’re taken back to the Wild West. The bounty hunter symbol and a wild are in it to win it. Are you?


Play Now

These bandits wouldn’t think twice about putting a bullet or two in you if they could get their hands on the €250,000 max win. Luckily you won’t have to go through the same extremes so with a bit of luck, high volatility and a 95.49% RTP on your side, you’ll be just fine. It’s the 50,000x multiplier that is the difference maker so pray, do the rain dance or whatever you need to do to lure it out of hiding.

Spin the Carousel of Cash

There’s enough going on here to keep you busy winning for a long time. First out of the gate is the exciting Bounty Hunter feature. On the carousel reel above the others, you’ll see a collection of prizes moving along.

In order to get any of them, you’ll need to land the bounty hunter symbol. Whatever sits directly above it will be yours and it can be either a juicy cash prize or free spins. Woohoo!

Wanted Wild or Alive

Take cover! A gun may appear at random and start blasting bullets at the reels and whatever they hit will be transformed into wilds. If you’re lucky you can make a pretty penny here so keep an eye out and don’t get hit.

Shoot up the Free Spins

With the bounty hunter symbol in play, try to position it below the free games symbol. You will see the barrels of a gun spinning to decide how many free spins you’ll get and it can be anywhere from 6-20 spins which is perfect!

Play Now

During your free spins, the bounty hunter is very much active and can get you a lot of money. If you’re enjoying yourself, feel free to retrigger them as many times as you’d like. Cha-ching!

Happy Hunting

There are quite a few Wild West games on the market but the King of the West slot is as fun as they come. It will give you a true cowboy vibe and why not make enough cash so that you can go out and get yourself a pair of cool looking boots and perhaps even a studdly hat to go with it. Enjoy and go get those bounties!