Swing From Win to Win and Dominate the Lord of the Wilds Slot

Swinging half naked from tree to tree like some kind of jungle superhero became a dream for young boys ever since the emergence of Tarzan back in the early 1900’s. His legend has been portrayed in numerous ways over the years and the wild Tarzan will have another shot at impressing us all in the Lord of the Wilds slot.

Taking the “vine express” across these reels involves free spins, special Tarzan symbols and Jane’s Wild Kisses! If that’s not enough, you can pick up a €80,000 max win, which will take care of the clothing issue and you won’t have to wear only a cloth next time you want to play Tarzan.

Lead the way and leave a trail of victory behind you as you swing your way to the gold!

Meet the Jungle Dream Team

Vines or no vines, you will have to use the 5 reels and 30 paylines if you want to get the cash in this game. The longhaired playboy himself will of course get the most screen time as the wild, while surrounded with all of his best friends, gorilla, toucan, black panther and of course Jane, the Lois Lane of the jungle.


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There are a lot of things that live in the jungle and in this one, a 93.73% RTP, medium volatility and a 2,000x multiplier have found their home. They tend to live close to the €80,000 max win, which makes a lot of sense as that’s where we would hangout as well.

Get Tarzan’s Treasure Symbols

As a man full of surprises, Tarzan may swing across the reels at any time. While doing so, he can turn random symbols into Tarzan symbols that are more rewarding and also a guarantee win.

If he feels like it, he might even swing more than once so be ready.

Get Your Lips Ready for Jane’s Wild Kiss

Of course Jane and her kisses deserve their own feature. She may get into the mood at any given time so make sure your lips are moisturized and ready to go for that nice big smooch.

When it happens, symbols will turn into Tarzan wilds and be sticky for the following spin.

Swinging Free Spins

When, not if, you stick 3 of the free spins symbols, you will trigger the feature and set yourself up with 10 free spins.

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You can get even more spins if you can add more scatters and you can max it out at 25 free spins.

It’s a Swing and a Hit

What you want to keep an eye out for here is the man himself as he will turn his Tarzan wilds sticky. Nice!

Whatever Tarzan puts his mind into turns out great and Red Tiger Gaming’s latest release, Lord of the Wilds slot, is just as adventurous as one would have hoped for. Go get ‘em!