X Marks the Spot in the Adventurous New Sea of Riches Slot

Ahoy, matey! We have all heard about the 7 seas but iSoftBet has apparently kept the Sea of Riches slot from us all this time. You’ve got the map, the ship, the crew, the rum and the weaponry, so it’s time to set sail and go where no man has ever gone before and explore the secret sea and all of its treasures.

Your chance to knock Blackbeard off his pedestal as the baddest pirate the world has ever seen just landed in your lap. Navigate your ship through no less than 9 thrilling obstacles with the Captain’s Compass and Stormin’ free spins leading the way. If you’re looking to scoop up the €289,920 worth of doubloons, you better be ready to fight off the competition.

Your crew is standing by awaiting your orders so stop wasting time!

Pirate Infested Waters

Landlubbers might want to stay clear of a challenge like this because it is time to get down and dirty in order to conquer the 6 reels in play. Don’t worry about the paylines as it is all about creating clusters on these pirate infested waters.

Gems and all kinds of pirate coins will make their way onto the reels with wilds and bottles making crucial appearances.


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Buccaneers would travel the world for a shot at the €289,920 max win and all you have to do is to embrace the medium volatility and 96.00% RTP. Bet on yourself by loading up on the €120 bet limit while scoping the waters for 2,416x multiplier wins.

Message in a Bottle

As mentioned, bottles will sometimes make their way onto the reels and every time the message inside will be collected. When you have managed to stack up on 25 bottles, you can complete the map and take your game to the next level.

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There are 4 levels to play through and they all come with different modifiers:

  • Wild Kraken: Call upon the kraken and it will come out of the sea and give you 5-10 wilds.
  • Wild Storm: Tornadoes can be deadly but they can also leave behind 3-9 wilds.
  • Wild Whale: Stay clear of whales but a splash from one can get you 5 wilds.
  • Wild Ghostship: A ghost ship is nothing to fear and it can result in 2-5 multiplier wilds.

Follow the Captain’s Compass

Each win will turn the Captain’s Compass and depending on where the needle lands, one of the following modifiers will be triggered:

  • Rolling Rum: Barrels of rum will roll down the reels and leave you 3-6 of the same symbol.
  • Musket Mayhem: Take aim at the reels and 5-12 symbols will be removed and replaced.
  • Cannon Blast: As the cannons are being fired, you can have an entire row removed.
  • Swarm O’ Parrots: Parrots fly across your screen and will remove 10-15 symbols.

How to Get Free Spins

In order to trigger the free spins, you need to fully charge the Captain’s Compass with 48 symbols. Spin the wheel for 5-15 free spins before you start to pick up the wins.

If the weather is bad enough, up to 3 lightning bolts can strike the reels and give you expanding win multipliers. Boom!

Your Legend Is About to Begin

Pirates are known to always have tricks up their sleeves and the Sea of Riches slot is absolutely loaded with them. With this amount of modifiers, it’s hard not to get stuck playing but considering it can take you on a very fruitful adventure, we see it as a positive thing.

Prove your worth as a pirate and create your very own legend by spinning the reels of this highly anticipated slot!