Take to the Wild Seas slot to Plunder Riches and Take your Revenge

Calling all you scallywags, scoundrels, villains, and knaves, the Wild Seas slot needs a crew that’s mean enough to take on the Royal Navy and crazy enough to go to war with the East India Company! We promise a pirate’s life filled with women and whiskey and all the treasure your black heart desires!

So, grab your favorite cutlass, pull on your wooden leg and let’s set sail aboard the Wild Seas slot from Elk Studios.

She’ll have her revenge!

The East India Company was the first multinational corporation. There were, as a result, few regulations or safeguards in place to prevent their brutality. As a result, The Company, as it became commonly known, cut a path through anything and everyone in its way with profit alone driving its villainy.


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Okay, so now you know who the protagonists are, it’s time to meet our hero. In a cinematic opening to Wild Seas slot, we find out that Anne Bonny is pursuing captains of the East India Company across the seven seas to avenge her father’s death. Interestingly, Anne Bonny was a real pirate. However, the story spun by Elk is entirely fictional.

Raise the colors and prepare for battle

Out in the open ocean, the crew of the Wild Seas slot is hunting their prey. The gold-laden ships of The Company travel in convoys, hoping that no pirate crew will be crazy enough to attack an entire fleet. They’re wrong.

The wild symbol is the Wild Seas slot’s colors and serves as both a wild symbol that substitutes for any other to complete winning combinations, and is a means by which to unlock the slot’s treasure. If two wild symbols appear on the reels at once, you’ll have a shot to break the convoy and take its golden contents for yourself.


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Once you catch up to the convoy, you’ll see a line of five ships trying to make it from one side of the slot to the other. You and your merciless pirate crew will attack a random ship on each spin. If you managed to hit a single ship three times before they all make it across the reels, you’ll have broken the convoy and you’ll get a chance to loot the treasure.


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To loot the treasure in the second bonus game, you’ll need to break the convoy. Once you do, you’ll have a chance to attack treasure chest wilds. Each one you hit will stick to the reels to complete winning combinations. However, if you hit the barrel of explosives, your days of looting will be over, and you’ll be blasted back to the base game.

Is Wild Seas slot seaworthy or taking on water?

Wild Seas slot is shipshape and ready to cast off. It features a fun story that’s nicely integrated into the slot’s gameplay with a range of unique bonus features. And if you look at the books, this ship’s hold is full of gold. With an RTP rating of 96.3% and medium volatility, you’ll be able to have a constant stream of wins while you’re chasing the €17,900 jackpot.

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