Thor’s Hammer is your Ticket to Wild Wins in North Guardians Slot

In Norse mythology, Mjöllnir is a magical hammer wielded by the God of Thunder. The hammer was forged by dwarven craftsmen and is said to have the power of a star. In other words, it’s a pretty badass weapon that can take on the biggest purple monsters.

In North Guardians slot from Pragmatic Play, however, ​​Mjöllnir is less interested in slaying Thanos and undoing the snap and more interested in getting you close to the €360,000 max win.

Your ticket to Asgard

Despite what Marvel Studios would have you believe, Asgard was more of a military installation than a palace. It was a giant fortress built as a staging point for the Asgardian god’s war against the Frost Giants. It would have looked more like a medieval castle.


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In North Guardians slot, you’re dropped into what looks like the depths of the realm of the Frost Giants. The graphics are generally pretty good but considering how many Norse and Viking-themed slots are out there, they’re also a little stale. North Guardians slot could very easily be confused for a number of different slots. I’d love to have seen a fresh take on the genre or the graphics but alas, no such luck.

Discover the treasure room of the gods!

When it comes to dealing with the gods, it’s best to know your way around less you run into a giant guard dog that’s more than happy to rip you to shreds. So, let’s take a look at how you get around North Guardians slot.

In the base game, two halves of a stone tablet will float around behind the reels stopping in random positions. If both halves stop next to each other, forming a full symbol, the Wild Patterns Wheel will spin. Once it does, wild symbols will appear on the reels in the exact pattern featured on the wheel. If you land on a level up, you’ll get another spin on the wheel with more wilds in the potential patterns.


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With the appearance of three or more free spins symbols, you’ll unlock a round of five free spins. During a round of free spins, the Wild Patterns Wheel will be spun on every spin. With each level up, you’ll get extra spins and even more wilds in the potential patterns.

  • Level 1 – patterns of one to three wilds
  • Level 2 (3 extra spins awarded) – patterns of four to six wilds
  • Level 3 (2 extra spins awarded) – patterns of eight to ten wilds
  • Level 4 (2 extra spins awarded) – patterns of 12 to 15 wilds
  • Level 5 (1 extra spin awarded) – patterns of 18 to 25 wilds

If you’re not willing to wait around for three or more free spins symbols, you can also select to buy a round of free spins. But beware, Loki is almost certainly behind this feature. So, you’ll have to balance the amount you spend on a round of free spins with the potential wins you’ll receive.

Is North Guardians slot from the gods or god awful?

Norse and Viking-themed slots are a dime a dozen. It is, as a result, really difficult to stand out. North Guardians slot does a fair job at doing that with an interesting wilds feature that is accessible in both the base game and in free spins. Despite this, it doesn’t really have enough to rise above the crowd.

The slot offers a healthy 96.38% RTP rating and an impressive €360,000 max win. However, like all legends, the reward doesn’t come without trials. North Guardians has a fairly low max multiplier of 5,000x your bet requiring a max bet of €72 per spin for a shot at the max win. Plus, with high volatility, you’ll be waiting longer than you’d like between wins.

If you’re looking to journey further into Norse mythology, I recommend giving Thor’s Lightning and Odin’s Gamble a try.