Grab Your Brass Knuckles and Take Over Hooligan Hustle Slot

If you’re a fan of Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea or any other Premier League team for that matter, you are probably familiar with hooligans. Rioting around football matches is where you’ll find them and they are as ruthless as can be. Armed with bricks, pipes, bottles, you name it, wherever they go you can expect violence.

Play’n GO just led them straight to your screen but instead of fearing for your life, flip the switch and use them for your benefit. Let them fight it out on the streets while you sit back and collect the money. The Hooligan Hustle slot is now open for business and you’re the puppeteer in charge.

Cool features and a ton of cash on the line, make the hooligans bow down to you as you rise to
the top as the Hooligan Hustle slot champ!

Chaos is Brewing and Fists are Flying

White wife beaters seem to be the universal uniform for hooligans and who can blame them. They are easy to maneuver in and you can show off your dear mom tattoo at the same time, perfect. You’ll see plenty of them on today’s 5 reels and while there are only so many ways you can beat someone up, there are as many as 248,832 ways to win in this game.

Violence is taking over the reels and while smashed-up police cars litter the streets, you’ll be focusing on lining up inbred characters and their weapons of choice. It’s the bald, bare chested guy with thug brass knuckles that leads the way as the most valued symbol, followed by the rest of his family.


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The stakes in fights like this are always high so a high volatility comes as no surprise. A €25 bet limit and 96.27% RTP show us there’s a lot of potential here. Our suspicions are confirmed by the €250,000 max win. Go get it!

Find Out What’s in the Box

As random as the symbols are, perhaps the most random one is the wooden box. It has a question mark on it so it’s probably easy to figure out that it contains a mystery symbol.

The box can appear on any spin and the mystery symbol will reveal a randomly chosen symbol. With a bit of luck, it’s the one you’re missing!

Split the Symbols to Double Up

It’s not a Blackjack table but it is possible to pull off a split of symbols. Randomly chosen, a symbol can be split in two and get you all the benefits of it.

With the help of split symbols, this is how you can open up the reels to their full potential and 248,832 paylines instead of the original 243. Hey, the more the merrier, right?

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble With the Rumble Row Feature

You can spot the row known as the Rumble Row sitting above the reels. This baby can activate at random and throw in a couple of modifiers. Any of these 3 is a possibility and if you’re lucky you can even get more than one.

  • Wild Reel – One reel will become wild
  • x2 Multiplier – Make the most of a 2x win multiplier
  • Double Trouble – Two reels will sync and show the same symbol combination

Set Fire on the Reels and Score Free Spins

As violent as they may be, hooligans have a sweet spot for free spins. In order to get them fired up, make sure to land at least 3 Molotov cocktails on the reels and get ready for action.

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This will set you up for a big choice where it’s time to determine whether you prefer to play it safe or risk it all for a big win. You will be spinning on the reel’s full capacity plus get help from the Rumble Row to bring your wins to the next level. The question is, how far are you willing to take it?

Here’s a preview of your options:

  • Lairy – 10 Free spins with at least 2 Rumble Row modifiers
  • Riot – 5 Free spins with at least 3 Rumble Row modifiers
  • Anarchy – 1 Free spin with at least 4 Rumble Row modifiers

Anarchy on the Streets Means Big Wins on the Reels!

We don’t condone violence but Hooligan Hustle slot is a fun new twist and a theme we don’t see often or perhaps ever.

While the graphics are far from great, the soundtrack helps set the vibe. The most fun comes during free spins where you can go all-in with the Anarchy spin. One big spin to win it all? Let’s go!

If you’re a football fan or just looking for something different, give this one a shot and see what you think. After all, one spin can change everything. Good luck!