Take Your Hog for a Spin and Win Big With Hells Grannies

Now, this is something we have been looking for on the roads for a really long time. Tattooed grannies in leather vests on Harley Davidsons! Man, what a sight and they would be fan favorites amongst all biker gangs. The hangarounds and prospects would be part of a completely different demographic. Normally, a prospect would have to prove themselves for about a year before becoming a full member but perhaps the ones in the granny gang would settle for less time due to the higher risk of meeting the Grim Reaper. Hells Grannies slot gives us a sneak peak of what life with these awesome ladies would be like.

Let’s strap on our helmets and hit the roads with these girls.

Knit Fast Die Young

The clubhouse consists of 5 reels and 25 paylines and the fun times begins with the first spin. The symbols in this game are fantastic and would make for cool ass t-shirts everywhere. That is a solid money making side business for anyone who wants it! You will see 4 badass, cigarette smoking ladies in their prime. It’s hard not to get stuck studying the details of the bombshells. Serving as the wild are the words Knit Fast Die Young that is graffitied onto a wall, while the scatter is represented by the awesome looking logo of the Hells Grannies bike club. Kudos to the designers for these entertaining symbols.


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In It to Win It

These ladies don’t just sit back and knit all day. Well, actually they do some of that as well. Land 3 or more of the scatters and you will activate the In It To Win It feature. This will give you a closer look behind the scenes of a day with these golden girls. As you can see, even their wheelchairs are pimped out and we love it!


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To settle the rules for your free spins, click the spin button and watch the wheel decide what your future may hold. Not only do these ladies master their hogs on the road, they can also knit a solid blanket with your free spins and multipliers on it.


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Kudos Ladies

Where do we sign up? Hanging with the super grannies was a highlight of our lives. We need to figure out where the 3D version of this fantastic bunch hangs out so we can meet them in person. Imagine the stories they must have! If you are a fan of a fun time like us, you need to spin the reels of this baby! There is no excuse and these gals deserve our attention and respect.