Time to Find out What Kind of Treasure Hides in These Forests

The deep forest is known to hide all kinds of things. From rusty old bikes, to pieces of clothing, plastic bottles and who knows what else. We decided to head out to see if there are any treasures lying around waiting for us to find them. We should probably go now though before the sun turns this enchanted place into a creepy black cave and the wild creatures come out to eat.

We have a few ideas of where these treasures are so come with us and grab some of this gold for yourself!

Forest Tale – EGT

Welcome to the story of Little Red Riding Hood, named Forest Tale slot. This was an interesting saga from our childhood teaching us how to be wary of strangers. It’s a bit extreme as we assume all the wolves you meet in the woods would be strangers, but we’ll take it. Granny, her cottage, the wolf and the hunter are all on display here next to Miss Riding Hood and the wins are yours for picking. The prizes are tempting and in combination with the rest of the fun features, we can understand the wolf trying to sneak its way to granny’s gold.


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Forest Harmony – Spinomenal

We might have just stumbled upon Legolas and all of his friends. Forest Harmony slot is full of elves, unicorns and enchanted trees. Spread across 5 reels and 40 paylines, there are plenty of opportunities to rake in the big money. Flying elves shooting lights to change symbols and free spins with multipliers are all part of everyday life here in these forests. In the bonus game you can choose to protect one of the ancient trees from the evil pixie and you shall be rewarded accordingly. What makes these woods harmonious are the many big wins that are coming your way.


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Magic Forest – Amatic

If you were to ask us what a magical forest would be and who would live there, we can guarantee there would not be any of those creepy midget Leprechauns. They are not exactly a happy bunch and we don’t see them as magical at all, unless we were to stumble upon one of their big pots of gold of course. Then we might just become best friends with these little fellas. Magic Forest slot has its fair share of leprechauns and there is definitely gold to be found in this game. These pots will also get you to the bonus game so keep an eye out!


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Fairy Forest – Platipus

Here is a feel good slot if we have ever seen one. The reels are full of beautiful fairies, unicorns and rainbows. It’s almost like you are walking the streets during a pride festival. Fairy Forest slot has no ill intentions at all, quite the opposite. It comes in peace and simply takes pleasure in handing you a bunch of free spins that can also be retriggered, in the name of the rainbow.

Animals and fairies all run wild in this forest and so does the sticky wild symbol. Take a break from the stress around you and sit back and enjoy the pure pleasure that lives in these woods.


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Misty Forest – Casino Technology

We did not expect this but we probably should have known better. Of course Gandalf would appear in the Misty Forest slot. After all, he is a grand wizard and sometimes even they need to retract from dodging the wrath of Sauron and the orcs. Although he is capable of holding his own, he brought security in one of the feisty dwarfs. They battle their way amongst wolves, bears and boars on these reels.

The free spins will clear the mist in this forest and open your eyes to a lovely treasure and if you want to double it, just choose the gamble options and be on your way out of the woods and off to the sandy beaches.


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The Gold is Real!

The forests are magical, there is no doubt, and our fondness just grew even more after playing these slots. Whether they are harmonious, misty or magic, there are plenty of green to fill your pockets with so if you ever feel a need to retreat then the woods will deliver every single time. Fairies and unicorns aside, go get your pot of gold!