Blast Off to the Moon with Rocket Dice

Rocket Dice from BGaming is a simple yet potentially high-paying dice-based game that doesn’t take much skill to play, making it a great option for anyone that’s looking for a less complicated table game. This visually appealing version has slick graphics that replicate a real dice throw satisfyingly well, and has a couple of extra features to help you increase your wins.

Rocket Dice might not initially appear to be an all-thrills affair, but as they say, never judge a book by its cover…

Up or Down?

Rocket Dice uses two ordinary six-sided dice, and the player bets whether the next roll will be under or over any total from 3 to 11. The win amount depends on the bet, as shown in the below table, with ties resulting in a loss. Winning allows the player to engage in a double or nothing game on the basis of the roll of one die. Within the double or nothing game, the player chooses any three faces which will generate a win if the roll matches one of the picked numbers. Wins pay even money, and the player can continue playing the double or nothing game until the maximum bet is reached.


The following table illustrates what all initial bets pay on a “for one” basis:


The game also has an auto-play mode, in which you can set the rolls count to a certain number, or stipulate no limit for limitless winnings. If you want to interrupt the auto-play mode, just hit the ‘stop’ button.

Rocket Propelled Wins

That really is it. The beauty of rocket dice is in its simplicity, but simple needn’t mean low paying – consecutive double or nothing wins have the potential to make you a very tidy sum indeed. And let’s face it, the roll of a dice probably presents better odds than most cryptocurrencies right now. Try Rocket Dice for free at BitStarz today to see just how easy it is to get some gravity-defying wins!