We’ve Gotten Rid of Currency Speed Bumps

While we endeavor to ensure that all of our games support betting in cryptocurrencies, some of our game providers only support fiat currencies.

The reasons for a game provider not to support cryptocurrencies are numerous and range from preference to legislative compliance. The net result is consistent, though: you, as a crypto player, can’t play certain games. Well, that limitation is a thing of the past.

To ensure our players have the broadest selection of games available to them as possible, we’re introducing in-game currency conversion.

Here’s how it works

Suppose that you’re depositing in BTC and would like to play a game that doesn’t support bets in cryptocurrencies. When you launch the game, we’ll give you a suggestion of a fiat currency that you can use to start betting with.


In the background, your BTC balance will be converted into your selected fiat currency using the latest exchange rates. When you place a bet of 1 USD, for example, your game balance will be reduced in line with your bet, and your main casino balance will be reduced by the BTC equivalent as per the latest exchange rates. The whole process is seamless for the player, allowing you to enjoy any of our nearly 5,000 games regardless of your base currency.

Currently, we offer crypto to USD, EUR, RUB, or NZD conversions. You get to pick which you would prefer to start betting in.

The games

If you’re a crypto player wondering how many games you could possibly be missing out on, here are a few from just this week.

In total, there are likely hundreds of games that were previously unavailable to crypto players prior to the introduction of the in-game currency conversion feature. It really is a game-changer. BitStarz is now unlocked for crypto players to enjoy in its entirety.