Create the World and Mega Wins in Wings of Ra Slot!

In Egyptian mythology, Ra was blessed with the power of life and creation. He was even credited for creating the world, so what better way to get over hump day than by strapping on his legendary wings and creating some big wins of your own.

We’re flapping around the ancient kingdom as we spin the reels in the rather impressive Wings of Ra slot. Packed full of top-notch features, bonuses, and win potential, Wings of Ra truly lives up to its namesake.

Wins Bigger Than the Egyptian Kingdom

We’ve seen a LOT of Egyptian themed games over the years, but Wings of Ra is a rather nice palate cleanser. Not only does Wings of Ra have some of the best graphics we’ve seen in an Egyptian themed game, it has some of the best gameplay features and a handful of very creative features you will love. First up, Wings of Ra pays with three adjacent symbols or more, no matter where the combo starts. This means if you land three matching symbols in the middle of the reels, you win. Additionally, you’ve got the mystery coin that will spin around and reveal symbol. These mystery coins tend to appear in groups, so prepared to land big wins when the coins make an appearance.

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When it comes to win potential, Wings of Ra certainly doesn’t skimp out. Packing a truly incredible max win of €157,750 from a single spin, this five-reel slot is the prime candidate to dish out mega wins. For those of you that like high volatility games, you’re in luck as Wings of Ra is a high volatility game, with an RTP of 94.7%.

Free Spins are Better with Ra’s Wings!

Who doesn’t like free spins? Have you ever imagined how awesome free spins would be if you played them with a pair of legendary wings attached to your back? Well, now you can experience that very feeling as you land three or more free spin symbols in Wings of Ra. This will trigger the epic free spins feature. In free spins, the magic coins will be collected to fill up a bar. Once the bar is full, a low-paying symbol will be removed. You can fill this bar up until all low-paying symbols are gone, leaving you with just the epic high-paying symbols, allowing you to rack up some truly huge wins!

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As we said earlier, we’ve seen a lot of Egyptian themed games over the years, but Wings of Ra is truly in a league of its own. Wings of Ra has raised the bar of Egyptian themed games and this is the new standard all Egyptian games will be judged by. Get out there and team up with Ra to win your very own fortune in Wings of Ra at BitStarz!