Your Future Has Been Predicted – Madame Destiny Holds the Answer

What does a life as a fortune teller or psychic really look like? Considering their claimed powers, are they able to predict things for themselves and if so, shouldn’t they be more successful? Whether they use tarot cards, crystal balls or the classic magic 8 ball, we never believed in it even though it would be really interesting if these so called powers were in fact proven to be true. In the Madame Destiny slot we get the opportunity to peek behind the curtain of a fortune teller and see for ourselves how much she is able to predict.

Will she foresee the gigantic payouts that may or may not come your way? Let’s turn to the madame for some answers.

In Madame Destiny We Trust

As we step into the office of Madame Destiny, the dark and mysterious look in combo with a spooky soundtrack brings the right tone for a slot like this. The madame herself doesn’t quite fit the stereotype of the old gypsy woman fortune teller as she is both young and vibrant and is impeccable as the wild symbol. Her accomplices, or partners, are her pets the owl and the black cat join her on the reels together with burning candles and magic potions. For a first impression, an authentic vibe is definitely set.


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Reveal the Truth About Free Spins

The crystal ball revealed a whole bunch of free spins in our near future and since we blindly trusted its powers for the sake of the game, it had to be true. All of a sudden we landed 3 scatters and boom, 15 free spins appeared. During the spins, we can tell you that all wins have a smashing x3 multiplier attached, which sounds pretty epic to us.


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A Multitude of Big Wins

Our belief in Madame Destiny is increasing by the moment and when she predicts multiple big wins then who are we to call her a phony. The max coin win lands at 18,750 but who says you can’t make a nice little fortune for yourself in this slot because what we have seen so far, anything is possible with the right attitude.


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Time to Reconsider

We may have to reconsider our views on fortune tellers after all. This slot is a real treat and who knew putting your trust in Madame Destiny and her crystal ball would be so much fun.

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