The Night Racing delivers fast and furious slots action!

This is The Night Racing slot. It’s what happens late at night after the kids have gone to bed, when the stores are closed, and the streets are empty. Grab your gear and head to the race, there’s big money on the line tonight. Night Rider meets Fast and the Furious in this hair-raising slot from Belatra Games.

Screeching tires melt on the tarmac, rumbling engines vibrate through your chest and smokin’ hot babes in uniform around every corner. What more do you need to be entertained? How about the added thrill of winning a jackpot or two, speeding down the racetrack, and becoming the fastest street racer around? And yes. Wear those shiny Aviator sunglasses at night. Pull-up next to your competitors in a roaring race car wrapped in your leather jacket with a buff around your neck to wipe the sweat off your gorgeous face.

Race to the finish

Mechanical sound effects with screeching tires and screaming exhausts immerse you into the world of street racing. The 80’s genre background music keeps you tapping your toes, but don’t tap too hard, you might hit the gas pedal and speed away. Keep your eye fixed on the meter, reach the speed of 70 during bonus games and win the jackpot!


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What’s in the Toolbox?

Red hot engines, burning tires, and electrifying spark plugs streak across the screen between our other eye-catching symbols in this slot. We see the royal values (A, K, Q, and 10) along with our character symbols looking like the cast of a hot new racing movie only hired for their looks.

The menu button on the bottom left corner has been designed to resemble a brake pedal, so be sure to slow down and have a look. The menu offers a variety of choices like risk bet settings, info, language choice, and line bets. Start your engine with the spin button on the bottom right, it’s been styled as a start button for a car with an auto-start button next to it. Check the gas level of your racer on the panel underneath the reels, it shows a credit balance, bet, and win.

Extra fuel for the tank

Three or more red hot race cars scattered across the screen triggers the bonus round. Mini reels ramp into the screen and you’ll get three spins to make it big on these babies with a maximum win of 20,000x wager.


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Now we get to the wildest racer on the streets. We don’t know her name, but this blonde bombshell goes wild for all symbols excluding the scatter – we assume it’s because she’s not a fan of the red Chevy. She only races on reels 2, 3, and 4. When you see her stop, she expands over the whole reel and awards free spins, moving one reel to the left after every free spin.

No risk, no reward

Don’t feel like the prize pool was big enough? Double your winnings with the Gamble Feature at the end of every winning spin. Be quick though, you’re racing in the fast lane and you only have ten seconds to decide. The Risk/Gamble feature has the option to beat the dealer with a high card or bet on red or black. Tap on the brakes and enter the menu to choose which option best suits your driving style.

Call the mechanic!

Build your bonus, pay the price, and speed-up the winnings during the bonus round. Here you can purchase one of four bonus packages to increase the chances of bonus symbols appearing on the reels. The prices for these bonus packages are determined by the bet value during the game, the higher the cost, the higher the probability of bonus game symbols appearing. This option is located to the left of the reels so don’t miss it as you race down the lane.

The race is on!

We’ve crossed the finish line and won the race! This slot from Belatra Games is filled with action-packed fun, with a max win of €20,000. Medium volatility and 92.4%RTP will get you to the finish line in no time. The interface is well designed and matches the theme of the game, while a variety of different features and bonus games keep you on the edge of your seat. Fasten your seatbelt and hold on tight because you’re in for one hell of a ride!