Howl at the Moon for Wins in Wolf Hiding Slot

In an alternative universe, wolves have evolved to be Earth’s dominant species. Despite being a different species, their evolutionary track mirrors our own, and, as a result, they have Native American wolves, Egyptian wolves, Samurai wolves, and even a Wolf God.

No, I haven’t lost my marbles and gone off the deep end. This fever dream scenario is the basis for Evoplay’s new Wolf Hiding slot game.

What’s hidden could be some big wins

If the name is anything to go by, you would think the slot involves something that is hidden that reveals itself with benefits for the player. And it does.


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In both the base game and during free spins, mystery symbols can appear. Once they do, the clouds will clear, revealing regular symbols, wilds, or full moon symbols (more on those in a bit). The mystery symbols will then shift down one space on each spin until they disappear out the bottom of the reels.

Okay, back to those full moon symbols. If you manage to grab some, all the full moon symbols will be spun, revealing instant cash prizes or free spins symbols. Cash prizes range in value from 1x to 2,500x your bet.


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With the appearance of three or more Free Spins symbols, you’ll trigger a round of free spins. Once triggered, a global win multiplier will increase by 1x each time that the mystery symbol feature is triggered. Your round of free spins will continue until no mystery symbols appear on the reels.

Is Wolf Hiding slot magical or mayhem?

The wolf characters that represent stereotypical views of different cultures were a weird choice. It feels a little lazy, and the story behind it all really isn’t made clear, despite my alternative universe theory. Maybe a cinematic intro scene at the beginning would have helped the whole thing make sense. But alas, I’m left confused.

Despite that, Wolf Hiding slot is pretty great. The graphics, although confusing, are really well executed. And the mystery symbol bonus and free spins features are unique enough that they kept me coming back for more.

The slot has an okay 95.96% RTP rating and is hamstrung with high volatility meaning you’re going to be waiting a little longer than you’d like between wins. However, the staggeringly high 30,000x max multiplier means you can play for the €300,000 max win at just €10 a spin, which is not bad at all!

If you’re looking for a few other howling good slots from Evoplay to try out, I recommend giving Bomb Squad and Necromancer a spin or two. Both are probably unlike anything you’ve seen before.