The Piñatas Are Bursting With Epic Wins in Piñata Fiesta Slot

Smashing piñatas should be a bigger thing around the world according to us. It’s both safe and a great way of getting your aggressions out and getting a nice big reward in the end is the perfect ending as well. Considering you can pick and choose what the filling should be, you can create your own reward. Money and candy are the obvious choices but how about a car key, a gym membership, tickets to a concert, free spins, the keys to a new house and if you want to piss someone off, socks and underwear!

Fingers crossed the stuffing in the Piñata Fiesta slot is a whole bunch of cash so let’s start swinging away at it.

Rockstar Balloons

The piñatas are swinging from 5 reels and 20 paylines surrounded by tasty margaritas, guitars, a flirtatious cactus, a cigar smoking jalapeño, all contributing to a big backyard fiesta. This place is going wild and the rockstar looking golden star-shaped balloon takes the wild to the next level in a dynamic duo performance with the scatter piñata.


Free Spins With Extra Features

You know these piñatas will come with a nice bag of free spins. Landing at least 3 of them will reward you with 10, 15 or 20 free spins and the fun doesn’t stop there. While you enjoy these spins, you can get some assistance that can get your even more of that beloved cash. This help comes in the shape of some very effective features.
Popping Wilds: Balloons will start to float across the reels and some will pop and add extra wilds, while others will merely float along into the sunset.

Grande Reels: Some of the reels may go fully wild and become big boys.

Fiesta Frenzy: Some symbols may transform into a higher paying one to trigger bigger payouts.

Mega Spiñatas: The first 3 reels will turn into one humongous reel, giving you the chance to bag some major wins!


Pick Your Piñatas

At the end of the bonus round, you get a chance to go back for seconds. Choose one of the three piñatas and they will reveal your faith. Get an extra 3 or 10 free spins or if your luck is over, it’s time to say adios.


Start Swinging

As we suspected, this is a really good time and we need to find ourselves some piñatas for our next party. When free spins, wilds and glorious wins are falling out out them you can’t wait to start swinging on the next one.

Start the game, swing away and you will realise why we are so excited about these oversized kinder eggs!