The Spaceship Adventure: Go Where No Player Has Gone Before!

Player, the g-force is strong with you, so how about you channel Lightsabre Luke, make moves like Musk and take to space in BitStarz’s new Spaceship Adventure – Level Up!

If you’re into Tesla and Twitter, a Star Wars fan (hell yeah), or a regular Joe who doesn’t have wild dreams about Mars missions, it doesn’t matter… There is €10,000 in cash and €50,000 in individual prizes waiting to be won in a galaxy in your living room.

You have until 8 July 2022 to travel across 40 levels of futuristic fun and discover out-of-this-world treasures.

Sounds epic, right? It is!

Asteroid miners could use a cadet like you

BitStarz’s latest Level Up promotion will take you where no player has gone before… Alaska! Just kidding, if you jump on this rocket, then you’re in for one hell of a sci-fi experience.

Shoot for the stars and join the best asteroid miners in the galaxy as they collect cosmic crystals and forge fortunes in a world unknown.

Your task is to travel across 40 levels of futuristic fun and claim your share of the €50,000 individual prize pool. And, if you’re the first interstellar astronaut to reach Level 40 on the map, BitStarz will also salute you with €10,000 in cash!

But wait, it’s not as simple as bopping around asteroids with pick forks! You’ll need to brace yourself for some E.Ts and other orbiting obstacles along the journey.


Here’s how to reach the Final Frontier

Besides having the most advanced crystal mining machine in the universe at your fingertips, the other thing you’ll need to succeed… is to launch past as many levels of the Spaceship Adventure – Level Up as you can.

Playing your favorite BitStarz games will have you accumulating points and moving your zero-gravity butt from level to level, where there will be awesome prizes waiting for you. Woohoo!

The aim of the space game is to climb the leaderboard against other space cadets – grab your rewards, and race to reach the ultimate casino cash prize at Level 40.

Houston, the Spaceship Adventure is on!

Embarking on an exploration for €10,000 cash and a total of €50,000 in individual prizes is the perfect mission, and you won’t even have to leave your living room.

Yup, this means you won’t need to dish out millions of dollars on a one-way ticket to the moon, and you won’t need to eat some weird tubed space food either.

Houston, the Spaceship Adventure – Level Up is ready for lift-off. So jet off to a galaxy far, far, away today!