Learn How to Get the Most Out of Your Table Gaming Time!

Table games are without a doubt incredibly popular at online casinos, but not everyone is fully aware of how to take full advantage of these games and play like a pro. So, to help you bring home some extra cash this festive period, we’re giving you the inside tips to help you play all table games like a professional. Call us crazy, but your success is our success!

Ready to learn how to play table games like a pro? Let’s go!

Consider Dropping That Bonus

When you’re playing slots, taking as many bonuses as possible will always help you play more rounds and give you a better chance of walking away a winner. However, in the table world, the opposite statement is true. Deposit bonuses limit how much you can play per hand or round at the table, meaning it can have a negative impact on your betting strategies. If the max bet with your bonus cash is capped at €5 and you’re using the Martingale system, for example, you get stuck rather quickly. So, to allow you to play freely and strategize to the max, it’s well worth considering taking no bonuses when you deposit if you’re going to be playing table games.

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Have a Second Tab Open

This might seem a little bizarre, but pro players keep a second tab open on the withdrawals page. In between rounds, these smart players cashout any winnings from the round, preventing them from using it in the next round. It’s much time consuming and frustrating to redeposit than it is to play with your winnings, so by cashing them out, you guarantee yourself a rather juicy pot of winnings that you can’t simply play away in the coming minutes. Of course, you can always redeposit if you wish, but by taking winnings off the table, you can play knowing you’ve got a positive bank balance at the end of the day.


Use Your Time Wisely

In between each round you have a certain amount of time. Rather than rushing to complete your bets as fast as possible, use the time to study the statistics and place your bets carefully. If you’re placing bets on multiple numbers in roulette, the last thing you want to do is place these bets in a rush. If you accidentally click on the wrong number and miss out on a winner, you won’t forgive yourself – so take your time. Depending on the game you’re playing, you could have anywhere between 5 seconds and 30, so there is no rush at all.

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Now you know how the pros play live casino table games, it’s time to up your game and start winning. Table games put you back in the driving seat, so take on the dealer and walk away with big stacks of cash with these nifty tips!