The Reels Are Roaring in Quad Cat Slot!

Quad Cat slot… Hmm. What’s a ‘quad’? It could be a bike, it could be a ski lift, it could be those all-important leg days we can’t miss at the gym. But what the heavens does this have to do with wild cats? We will get there, eventually.

Lately, all the wild cats we’ve been seeing are on Netflix, and this begs the question: What happened to Don Lewis, Carol? Is he tiger-poo, or is he livin’ la vida loca? That’s another mystery we will hopefully see solved, eventually.

Anyway, you cool cats and kittens, are you ready to pounce on wild wins worth up to €228,480? The wilderness awaits.

The reels are roaring

In this High 5 Games slot, at the top of the primal food chain are tigers, lions, and jaguars.

We would have thought the stealthy leopard could have snuck in there and made it on this elitist list, considering they are one of the most dangerous animals in the savannah. But kudos to High 5 for featuring at least one of the Big 5. We’ll take it, and so would Doc Antle, that creep.

With that said, these three fierce felines are what you’ll be seeing on your safari screen, along with clawed-up Card Deck Royals, gold Paw Print Scatters, and Sunset Wilds.


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You don’t want to tame the tumbling reels

The Tumbling Reels in this 97% RTP slot work like cascading reels. It’s pretty simple but oh-so-satisfying.

Any symbol that is involved in a win disappears from the grid, and new ones will be uncovered by leaves. Consider this a form of a free spin that amps up more wins.

Are you craving the truth about the ‘quad’? We’ve got the quencher you have been waiting for.


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Stalk down the Spin-crease feature and attack as a quad

Ahhh, now things make sense. Quad is short for Quadruple! Duhhh. Hey, nobody said we were psychic mathematicians, so give us a break.

The Spin-crease feature in Quad Cat slot is a way to wow that we haven’t seen before. On the right side of your reels, you’ll spot a meter. This is the Spin-crease meter, and it will grow and grow as you spin for wins in the base game.

Your bets will work to unlock doubled-up wild cat symbols, meaning two lions, two tigers, or two jaguars per symbol. Once that kill has been brought down, then you’ll go on to Spin-crease the symbols until the symbols show quadruple cats – which is the highest feat to hunt for because bigger wins and more fun gets unlocked.


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The free spins are ferocious

Walk in the wild and collect 3 Paw Print Scatters to initiate a Free Spins round that is as ferocious as these big beasts are.

With 11 Free Spins, the big-cat bonanza begins where wicked wins are waiting to be pounced on. Go for the jugular and make this bonus a blast!


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Dominate Quad Cat slot and fight for survival!

When encountering a big cat, well, you’re pretty screwed. You can’t outrun it, you can’t outfight it, and you sure as hell can’t outkill it – so good luck in the fight for survival with this high volatility slot.

While you don’t need to be a Dean Schneider or a Kevin Richardson to tame these beasts, you just need to be a stealthy slot player. We know you got it! Dominate the wins and show the killer-kitties who’s boss in Quad Cat slot.