The New Northern Heat Slot Is Cool!

Unfortunately, the new Northern Heat slot is not an exotic version of Burning Man. In fact, it’s kinda fake news if you ask me.

Well, fake news, sarcasm, irony… Whatever. The matter is that there is no heat in said slot about ‘northern heat.’ It’s set in the North Pole, which is -40° on a good day.

Even if this is a global warming reference, I’d say this title pushes it a bit. Anyway, a lot of stuff here doesn’t make sense – but it is here, and I will embrace it.

So, swap the sarong for something warmer because apart from landing cool wins, there’s also hypothermia to consider.

Did you lose a Toy Pom?

Mascot did a good job copying Disney’s “Frozen” franchise with this slot – except the cast has been converted into cute arctic animals – who, to my dismay, do not sing “Let It Go” every time I don’t land a win in a spin.

All the major symbols here look adorable, fluffy, and rather angelic. Yeah, even the walruses. Angelic walruses.

Remember “The Proposal”? You know, the movie with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds going to Alaska to fake their marriage, so she doesn’t get deported, and they end up falling in love, happily ever after, etcetera etcetera…

Anyway, that insanely sweet Eskimo Toy Pom looking pup, Kevin, who the eagle stole – he’s in this slot too.


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It’s a winter of wild symbols and wild reels

There isn’t much in the way of special features in this 96.9% RTP slot, but the one feature it does have is a biggie.

But before I get started on that, I should focus on the potential of the Wilds here. The Wild Symbol is of a pawprint in the snow, and in the main base, it only takes the position of one tile.

But in the Bonus Game, they will become Wild Reels which substitute for all other symbols apart from the Scatter, giving you a more pleasant experience playing in the middle of Antarctica or wherever we are.


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Infinite spins mean many wins

Here comes the biggie, the Infinite Free Spins. Northern Heat slot’s Bonus Game is a round of (pretty much) endless free games.

Yeah, it’s called “Infinite” for a reason. I got up to 30-something free spins before I hit the Stop Spins Scatters in this medium volatility slot.

Before I sprinkle snowflakes on the Bonus Game, I have to say that it is hard to trigger it. You only need 2 Scatters, one on the 1st and one on the 5th reel. But man, they were running away from me like I was some kind of Yeti.

2 Scatters trigger the Infinite Free Spins round, and 2 Scatters also end it – so hopefully, you get to spin dozens and dozens of times before you get cut off.


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Can you handle the cold?

I know Mascot wants me to ask you if you can “handle the heat?”, but I’m not going to do it. A game set in zero-degree landscapes should not be called Northern Heat slot, period.

But I actually love it. And you might too. So why not pay the North a visit before Christmas and give Kevin some attention?