Players Are Buzzing With Excitement Over the New Mystic Hive Slot

Let the luminous creatures of the Mystic Hive slot put on an enchanting show for you as you collect the magical nectar and turn it into gold for your pockets. Betsoft is bringing you another sensational hexagonal grid slot where the fireflies have been kind enough to give the worker bees some time off.

Get a grip on juicy free spins, cluster pays and the glowing fireflies as you play along. If you’re looking for a payday and the €12,150 max win, make sure the nectar meter is filled to the brim.

Dive into a world of glimmering lights and a ton of magic. Welcome to the Mystic Hive slot!

A Good Time by the Hive

Considering the impressive performance and popularity of The Hive slot, it was only a matter of time before a sequel hit the market and Mystic Hive is just as good, if not better. The combination of a 96.13% RTP and a bet limit of €50 means you can have yourself a good time by the hive.

When it comes to looks, you can forget about reels in the traditional sense as life in the hive works a bit differently and doesn’t follow the same rules as they do for us non-flying species. There 30 paylines to play with, so you can be sure that the action keeps coming after every spin.


Moving to the Beat of Your Spins

The Mystic Hive slot plays out at night which is when the fireflies come out to dance and they don’t come empty-handed. Buzzing around the hive, they move clockwise to the beat of your spins and as they make their way around the hexagon they are adding modifiers wherever they set foot.

Unfortunately they won’t stick around forever and they will leave just as randomly as they appear, but don’t worry, new ones will soon swoop in.

These Are Your Different Fireflies

You will come across 3 different types and to make it easier for you to keep track of them, they come in different colors.

Green – When this one appears it will summon others to join the party, improving your odds of getting the sweet nectar.

Yellow – Get ready for stacking multipliers! For every yellow firefly you see, you’ll get a +1 multiplier and they will all be applied to the winning combo that it is aligned with.

Play Now

Red – This is the one you want to summon as it will work on filling the nectar meter. The more of them that can help out, the quicker you will be able to trigger the free spins.

How to Get the Violet Nectar Free Spins

As the red fireflies fill the nectar meter one level at a time, when it is full you will trigger 5 of the Violet Nectar free spins. Now that’s what we call a fancy name which bodes well!

Watch as the Nectar Explodes

Thanks to the Nectar Burst Spreading Wilds feature, you can watch as the wilds will spread out across the honeycombs. These wild symbols will explode with nectar and help you score some big wins!


Betsoft Can Be Proud

Betsoft should be proud of this sequel and pulling the old switcheroo and giving the bees a night off doesn’t affect the game one bit. Quite the opposite as fireflies add a bit of magic to it.

Let your body and mind flow to the vibe of the relaxing soundtrack as you watch the fireflies make you some money. It is simply a really good slot!