Book of Santa Dishes Out Mega 5,072x Multiplier to Lucky Player!

BitStarz is the home of big winners, and there are dozens of you big winners every week. We love having you and we love seeing the smiles on your faces as the multipliers get into the thousands and you see that huge pile of cash coming your way.

Last week, we had another substantial winner here at BitStarz, taking home a massive 5,072x multiplier from free spins mode in Book of Santa slot. From a 3RUB bet, this lucky player bagged a cool 15,216RUB – talk about Santa dishing out the gifts!

Santa is Working Round the Clock This Year!

Traditionally, Santa only comes around at Christmas, but the guys over at Endorphina have clearly had a word with him as he’s been spotted dishing out fortune and money to players all year round. To start off this huge winning combo, the lucky player managed to land three scatters on the reels to trigger free spins. His special symbol was the Q, which helped this player to a good deal of wins in free spins mode. But, on spin 5 things took a drastic turn. Three Santa symbols followed by two books on a single payline appeared. This paid out a massive 150,000 coins – one of the biggest wins in the game.

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Imagine this was your round. Imagine the feelings, the emotion and the excitement as these Santa symbols landed on the reels. One thing is for sure, if that was us spinning the reels we’d have been screaming with excitement and jumping up and down. It’s so great to see the players here at BitStarz having an amazing time and taking home big wins.

Multipliers Making the Dream Come True

When it comes to picking a slot to help you take home a massive win, the max win value doesn’t really matter unless you’re a high stakes player. Instead, you need to keep an eye on the multipliers, as it’s these bad boys that will make the difference between winning €30 and €3,000. Over the past few weeks, the multipliers have been on fire here at BitStarz, with players taking home a crazy amount of cash from relatively small bets. To put this latest win on Book of Santa into perspective, from a €0.03 bet, this player won €175.14. Now, that might not sound like much, but for a €0.03 spin, that’s a whole pile of cash!


Multipliers are the key to all your wins, so make sure you’re on top of the multipliers in the slots you’re playing – you’ll thank us for this tip. Once again, a massive congratulations to this incredible winner and thank you to Endorphina for putting together this epic replay!