Hurry – Only 48 Hours Left of the Halloween Level Up Adventure

As Halloween and Dia de los Muertos are slowly disappearing in the rearview mirror, it can feel a bit deflating knowing you’ll have to wait another year until you get to celebrate them again.

Leave it to BitStarz to put an end to the pouting as you still have 48 hours left of our Halloween Level Up Adventure!

In other words there is plenty of celebration left to do but you do need to speed things up if you are hoping to take home any of the €10,000, €50,000 in individual prize pools and the ton of trendy BitStarz merchandise.

Step on the Gas With Slots

We understand it’s easy to get stuck staring at our graphically stunning roadmap but that’s not going to help you reach your goal. Instead, you want to make sure to hit the slots as much as you can before time is up.

Slots are the key to success in this adventure and will count 100% towards your level up progression. Sure, you can still advance by playing table games but since they only count for 5% they won’t be able to give you the boost you need considering only 48 hours remain.

Play Now

If you still feel like you need a few more ideas on how to reach your top speed before you run out of time, take a look at these tips and you can make it to the cash prizes a lot faster.

Finish the Race in Style

We know the last 48 hours of any BitStarz promotion can get a bit emotional but even if the Halloween Level Up Adventure is coming to an end, don’t expect us to slow down, especially when it comes to promotions.

During the upcoming season we will bring you some of the biggest promotions in BitStarz history as we have a ton of fun stuff in the pipeline. We do have to sit on the details for just a little bit longer, after all your focus should be on finishing the race in style!

Make sure to stay tuned to see what’s coming your way next. It’s going to be amazing!

Keep Fighting Until It’s Over

The remaining 48 hours will go by faster than you think but that doesn’t mean you can’t make plenty of progress. Put up a ferocious fight all the way until the finish line and scoop up as much of the money as you possibly can. We believe in you!