Uncover Exclusive Treasure in Deep Sea Slot

Deep Sea diving is an amazing experience, and you will come across untold treasures. Ranging from new species of marine life all the way to sunken galleons, there is a massive wealth of treasure at the bottom of the ocean.

We’re giving you an exclusive chance to head out and do some Deep Sea diving and find some treasure of your own. Spin the reels in Deep Sea slot and be one of the first players in the world to uncover this magical treasure!

Magical Wins Are Just Below the Waves

Strap on your diving gear as we’re going in. The sea is surprisingly warm and packed full of exotic life. You’re going to find all sorts of exciting life in Deep Sea and you’re going to be one of the first players in the world to find these lifeforms. If it’s your lucky day, you could uncover a treasure worth 35,000x your stake. With a max bet of €11.25, that works out at a massive treasure trove worth €393,750. Given that Deep Sea is a medium volatility game, that’s a pretty huge pot of cash to find just beneath the waves.

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Free Spins Are More Fun Under the Ocean

It’s a party down here in Deep Sea, so hurry and join us. Landing three or more underwater cameras will trigger free spins mode, while landing more in free spins mode will grant you extra spins. Here, you have a number of spins to gather as much cash as possible. For every three lantern fish you collect, you will get 10 wilds thrown onto the reels. These wilds will appear in random locations, helping you scoop up a legendary win. There is no limit to how many lantern fish you can collect, so you could be staring down the harpoon of a lot of wilds!

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Deep Sea is exclusive at BitStarz until January 7, so head on into the water and collect the treasure before anyone else in the world gets a chance. We’ve seen BitStarz exclusive games dish out mega wins in the past, so make history and join the exclusive big win club. The graphics are top notch and the gameplay will blow you away. Best of all, as you’re exploring the ocean, you will earn points towards the Slot Wars leaderboard. Place in the top 30 at the end of the week to bag yourself a slice of €1,000 and some free spins!