Turn Back Time With Beverly Hills 90210 Slot

Dusting off old classics and a la Dr Frankenstein giving life back to something dead is more popular than ever. Reboots are here to stay, for better or worse. When network giant Fox decided to bring back the old crew from the Peach Pit, the hearts of many skipped a beat as they once again would get the chance to drool over Steve Sanders, David Silver and Kelly Taylor. Who are we to keep you from doing the same? Join your favorite beachy blondes and fast cars in the throwback to the legendary show with the world’s most well-known number combo, in Beverly Hills 90210 slot.

Iconic Zip Code

iSoftBet and the world-famous zip code takes us back through 5 reels and 243 paylines. Brandon and Brenda Walsh, Donna Martin, Dylan McKay and the rest are on full display, sporting the best blow-dried hair money can buy. The red Ferrari with the top down seems like the best option for the wild while the iconic 90210 represents the scatter. Playing cards from 9 to Ace will fill out the rest, but the vibe is very authentic and pays the proper tribute to the legendary show.

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Who Will Make You That Extra Buck?

We all know the value behind the 90210 zip code in Los Angeles. Adding to it even more, are the 25 free spins and up to 30x your bet you get when landing 3 or more of them on the reels. Before you can reminisce even more, buy spinning them, you get to make your choice whether you would like the boys or the girls to be the lucky ones making you that extra buck. Pick the ladies and up to 5 random wilds will be added to your reel. Take a shot at the boys and up to 3 wheels can end up becoming wild.

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Spinning on Rodeo Drive!

The famous retro graphics, all the favorite characters, and the soundtrack of a generation makes this a must-play slot. If you are or were a fan of the show, you know what you are in for and with the 90210 name, you know the payouts are grand enough to support a cruise down Rodeo Drive in your spotless convertible. The one thing missing that would have pimped this slot is if the setting was in the Peach Pit, but we can overlook that given all the action on offer.