Welcome to BitStarz, Golden Hero!

Last year we cranked up our collaborations to bring more slot magic to your screen. Introducing 20 new game providers in one year is massive – and we didn’t stop there!

We have already made our move on the next big name in gaming for your playing pleasure. You’re welcome! All it took was a lot of sweet-talking, hair-twirling, and seductive winking to get these guys to ‘star’ at BitStarz. Nah, who are we kidding – we are a perfect match.

This provider’s games are smoking hot! And they’re big in Japan. BOOM! Drum roll, please… Welcome to BitStarz, Golden Hero.

Get to know Golden Hero

Golden Hero creates games fit for your smartphone. But don’t worry desktop jockeys, you can play their kickass games too.

We have ‘em right here! Everything from big bronzed booties and space wars to amazing anime and dwarves in battle. Not sure what they’ve been smoking but we likey!

Let’s get in our saddles and give some Golden Hero games a dabble.


We obviously had to talk about the big bronzed booties first – how could we not? Hawaiian Dream slot is where holiday meets pachinko play (Japan’s take on arcade and slot games), and where a max win of €210,000 is waiting in the waves.

Party it up in paradise with Hawaiian Dream slot’s features. You can surf the Sunset Bonus, rave with Respins, and have several Free Spins frenzies… You’ll wanna get to the Ultimate Rush to see the beach babes in action.

This slot is cool for the summer and hot for the winter. So smell that sweet hibiscus and get pumped for Hawaiian wins.


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Slice and dice with Ninja Hero Goemon

Channel your inner Robin Hood, but Japanese style with Ninja Hero Goemon slot. Ishikawa Goemon was a total badass legend – he gave to the poor by stealing from the rich. Fair play, man. This slot pays homage to this outlaw and wages a mythical war against enemies for wins worth up to €219,000.

Draw your weapons because your authentically Japanese ammo will have you slicing and dicing big bonus rounds for the warrior crown. Think Battle Features, Chest Bonuses, Smoking Pipes, and Throwing Stars. This is what your enemies are up against.

Sharpen your Samurai swords and pull out your Ninjutsu moves because the battle begins on the reels of Ninja Hero Goemon slot.


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It’s all about the power in Wild Fusion

This fusion reactor is manned by a happy robot – prepare yourself, friend… This will be the world we live in a few decades’ time. Where we live in fusion reactors. Just kiddin’, when the world will be run by robots. In this case, we ain’t complaining because there’s up to €200,000 to fuse on home with.

Wild Fusion slot is unique. There’s no spinning reels, here we’re spiraling for wins. You’ll be twisting and turning for the features, too, because they’re downright electric. The Fusion Bot is your lil’ sidekick, and he’ll be right there when you engage the Fusion Mode, Core Wilds, and Multipliers.

Forget the yellow brick road, we’re following the spiral track for terrific wins with Wild Fusion slot.


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Go from zero to Golden Hero!

We’ve spilled the beans on 3 of Golden Hero’s games, but believe us when we say… There is MUCH more from where that came!

Keen much? All you need to do is search for Golden Hero in our Game Studios section and choose one of their uber-cool titles to play. There’s a different adventure waiting behind the thumbnails. Go get ’em’!