Fight for Fortune in Templar Tumble 2 Dream Drop Slot

The Templars or Knights Templars were the special forces of the crusades. They were elite warriors that roamed around with some rather snazzy clothing. There are also a bunch of conspiracies about the Templars finding the Holy Grail and a secret society. Thanks to all this mystery and the distinctive iconography, these stories make for a great theme for books, movies, and, of course, slots.

Relax Gaming is revisiting the Knights Templars theme with its new release Templar Tumble 2 Dream Drop slot – which is a bit of a mouthful.

The templars return

Templar Tumble 2 Dream Drop slot is built around cascading wins that remove symbols involved in winning combinations allowing new symbols to fall into their place. This allows you to score multiple wins off every spin.


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Some of the slot’s blocks will have either a blue or red glow. Each time a block with a red glow is crushed, it will add to the red meter, and vice versa with blocks with a blue glow. Once the blue meter is full, the multiplier added to any winnings will increase by 1x. When the red meter is full, mystery symbols will be added to the reels. The two meters are reset after each spin in the base game.

A round of ten free spins is triggered with the appearance of three or more gold chalice scatter symbols. During free spins, the blue and red meters are not reset between spins unless activated. Every scatter symbol that lands during a round of free spins will add an additional free spin to your total.


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The jackpot feature is triggered randomly on any spin. Once it is, you’ll get one spin of the jackpot reels which only feature plain blocks and Dream Drop blocks. With the appearance of six or more Dream Drop blocks, you’ll progress to the jackpot bonus round for a chance to win the rapid, mini, maxi, major or mega progressive jackpot amounts.

Is Templar Tumble 2 Dream Drop slot spectacular or sus?

The first Templar Tumble slot was released in March 2021. The main differences between the original and the squeal, apart from the drastically different aesthetic, are Relax Gaming’s Dream Drop feature, the buy bonus feature, and the multiplier and mystery symbol features.


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I really like that the sequel has clear and noticeable differences from the original. This is not a reskin. This is a new game that happens to inhabit the same world as the original. Relax has done a great job with Templar Tumble 2 Dream Drop slot. The graphics are great, and the gameplay is fantastic.

There are, however, two rather big elephants in the room. The first is that the slot suffers from high volatility meaning you’ll be waiting longer than you’d like between wins. Luckily, the slot offers a number of base game bonus features that will help to keep you engaged. It’s the disappointing 94% RTP that really lets it down. I can’t remember the last time I saw an RTP lower than that. The slot does make up for it a bit with an impressive 20,000x max multiplier, but I don’t think that’ll be enough for everyone.

If you’re looking for a few other interesting Relax Gaming slots, I recommend giving Hellcatraz and Money Train 3 a try.