Feel the power of Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine slot!

In an alternative universe in which Edison wasn’t a d***, Nikola Tesla was able to create an incredible machine. What does the machine do? Well, let’s not get caught up in the details. It’s big, it shoots electricity, and it’s fun to look at. That’s all you really need to know, right?

So, grab your favorite goggles, dust off your best top hat, and join us in the lab to play the Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine slot from Yggdrasil Gaming.

It’s alive. IT’S ALIVE!

In a word, incredible! That’s the simplest way to describe the care and effort that has gone into creating the Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine slot. It’s a steampunk fan’s wildest dreams. It’s breathtakingly detailed, with a fully animated character that is bursting with life as he runs around his workshop repairing his machine and conducting experiments. It’s an exhibition of the raw and frightening power of electricity. It’s perfect!

We could describe the symbols and the layout, but nothing would do it justice. You need to check this one out for yourself.


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Now that we’ve used our quota of adjectives for this review let’s quickly get through some details. The 5-reel slot features 25 fixed paylines and offers low to medium volatility. It has a return to player (RTP) rating of 96.2 and will give you the chance to win up to €102,697.

More power. We need more power!

During base gameplay, Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine is mostly dormant, with the odd flicker giving you a hint of the power within its steel walls. That all changes when you activate a bonus feature. It bursts into life awarding all manner of powerful boosts that’ll electrify your wins.

If you’re looking for a ride on a round of free spins, you’ll need some tickets. Don’t worry. You won’t need to wait in line. Grab three tickets off the reels for 8 free spins, four for 10, and five for 12. Once you’re in, winning combinations will be completed both ways and not just left to right. That’s only the beginning, though. You will also get a chance to power up the machine!


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Things start off relatively uneventful on level 1. You receive one fixed wild in the center of the reels, and the machine does its thing—no big deal. Then you find a level-up scatter symbol that bumps up the machine’s power. Level two adds an extra fixed wild, and the wins grow. By level five, the machine is at full power with five fixed wilds, and when that happens, you better hang on because this is going to be a wild ride with huge wins!

That’s not all the Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine slot has to got to give. The machine has a secret code to unlock the energy burst feature that awards even more free spins and a bunch of other electrifying features.

The secret code is… are you ready? Three of the same symbols are in the center reel. Now, don’t write it down or anything. That’s just between us. Once you’re in, you’ll randomly be given one of three bonus features with three to five free spins.


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Energy burst features:

  • Exploding Wilds – A creepy mechanical tentacle thing will appear to zap two or three symbols on the reels, transforming them into fixed wilds
  • Wild Substitution – A random symbol will be selected. After every spin, that symbol will be substituted for wilds
  • Reel Clone – Three random reels are cloned to display exactly the same symbols with every spin

Once your energy boost is completed, the machine will need to recharge, and you’ll be bumped back into the base gameplay until you reenter the secret code.

Will Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine be lost to history?

Edison may reign supreme in this universe, but in the Nikola Tesla’s Incredible Machine slot, Tesla is giving old Tommy the finger. The slot features great bonus features, the chance to win over €100k, and those graphics, those amazing graphics. This one really is the whole package. We rate it ten out of ten nixie tubes.

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