Wins are Pulling into the Station Again in Money Train 3 Slot

I’ve got some bad news, and I’ve got some good news. The bad news is that we’ve got another sequel. The slot world is becoming as bad as Hollywood. There’s good news, though. This sequel doesn’t suck, and it’s not a copy of its predecessor!

Jump on the express to the winner’s circle of the future in Money Train 3 slot from Relax Gaming.

All aboard the Money Train

If you’re planning on jumping on the winners express, you’re going to need to know your way around.


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A respin can be triggered randomly on any non-winning spin. Once the feature is triggered, one symbol is selected at random to become sticky. All instances of that symbol on the reels are then fixed in place while the rest are spun. If you add another instance of the same symbol to the reels, it will be added to your collection and the reels will be spun again. This will continue to occur until no new symbols are added. You can also grab multipliers that are added to a global multiplier that supercharges your respin winnings.

The Money Cart bonus round is triggered with the appearance of three or more bonus symbols. Once you’re in, the reels will be expanded by two and the symbols replaced by either blank symbols or multipliers, the only two symbols that can appear during the Money Cart bonus round. Before you get started, you’ll be asked to choose between a selection of Money Cart special bonus features. Whichever you choose will be the primary bonus feature you’ll enjoy during the bonus round.

  • Collect – Collects all the multiplier values on the reels and creates a new multiplier with the combined value.
  • Sniper – Double the values of three to eight multiplier symbols.
  • Collector-Payer – selects three to five multiplier symbols and adds the combined value back to those symbols’ values.
  • Necromancer – Brings between two and seven special bonus symbols that have already been used back to life.


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If you’re not keen on waiting around the station, you can choose to buy a round of the slot’s Money Cart bonus round.

Is Money Train 3 slot a great or goofy sequel?

There is a clear evolutionary track in the Relax Gaming Money Train series. Money Train slot is a straight western-themed video slot. Money Train 2 slot is a western-themed slot with a sort of Mad Max influence thrown in there. Money Train 3 slot is a futuristic-themed slot with a Mad Max influence. It’s a strange evolution, but there is a clear narrative progression in the story and I really like that.

Money Train 3 slot is a clear step up from its predecessors when it comes to graphics. This is true from the second you launch the game with players being greeted with an animated intro scene that gets you really excited to start playing the game. The stunning graphics from the intro are pulled through to the slot with incredible attention to detail in each and every element of the slot.

The bonus features show less progress. In fact, there really hasn’t been any at all. Money Train 2 added the respins feature to the franchise, but the feature list of Money Train 3 slot is a carbon copy of its predecessor. I really would have liked to have seen some development in this area of the game.

There is some good news, though. Money Train slot had a 20,000x max multiplier and Money Train 2 slot had a 50,000x max multiplier. Well, this newest addition to the franchise has gone with a huge 100,000x max multiplier which will see you playing for the €250,000 max win at just €2.50 a spin. This, however, comes at a price. The RTP drops slightly to 96.1%, and you’re still stuck with that high volatility.

All in all, Money Train 3 slot is a bit of a mixed bag but the graphics and huge max multiplier are more than enough to keep me coming back for more.