What are the Advantages of Provably Fair Casino Games?

Here at BitStarz Casino, you’ll hear us talk a lot about our slots and table games being provably fair, along with just how great this is. If you understand the theory behind it, you will definitely be excited about the feature being available, but not everyone seems to grasp the big picture. If you are part of the latter, don’t fear – we will explain exactly what provably fair is and how provably fair works to your advantage when you play at BitStarz.

What is Provably Fair?

Provably fair games are starting to catch on, and certain game developers are now only making provably fair games. Provably fair games are essentially slots and table games where you’re given a hash – random string of numbers and letters that when decoded reveals an understandable message – before the round starts, which is then mixed with a randomly generated seed to give you the next result before the game even starts. For example, the next spin of a roulette wheel is already decided by the system and is hidden in that hash. If you place a bet on black and it comes up red, you can check the hash result to make sure that you weren’t cheated out of your winnings – pretty neat, right?

How to Spot Provably Fair Games?

Provably fair games don’t scream and shout about this feature, and it’s so it doesn’t ruin the experience of playing the game. However, in the top right-hand corner – usually this is where it’s positioned – will be a set of icons. These icons are the regular icons that can be used in order to see the paytable, game rules, and toggle the sound. However, in provably fair games there is an extra icon – a prize ribbon. If you see this icon, it means the game you’re playing is provably fair. To access the provably fair settings simply click on this icon and you can get to verifying your results.

Impacting the Outcome of the Next Game

Another reason why provably fair games are so popular is that you can actually impact the outcome of the next game, just like you’re in a land-based casino. Once you are in the settings of provably fair, you can either select the cut height in card games, wheel spins in roulette and even how fast each individual reel spins on a slot game. This gives you total control over the next result and lets you see how your in-game decisions impact the result.

Top Provably Fair Slots at BitStarz Casino

Now you understand provably fair games a bit more, you likely want to give them a try – we know we would. Meet some of the most popular provably fair games currently available at BitStarz Casino.

Domnitors Deluxe Slot

Domnitors Deluxe slot - Bitstarz

Take a step back in time to when Vlad the Impaler ruthlessly ruled Romania with Domnitors Deluxe Slot. If you can bear to face off against this famous tyrannical leader, you can bag yourself a whopping 10,000 coins. If that’s not good enough, there is a cool bonus game where you can double up this jackpot win.

Fire Lightning slot

Fire Lightning slot - bitstarz

We head off to Ancient Greece in this stern and serious slot from BGAMING. Fire Lightning Slot will have you on the edge of your seat as you battle it out against Ancient Greek gods to try and snatch a bountiful treasure from their clutches. Packed with epic free spins and a bonus game to match, Fire Lightning has been one of the most popular slots throughout 2018.

Aztec Magic Deluxe slot

Aztec Magic Deluxe slot - Bitstarz

If Ancient Europe isn’t for you, take a trip to visit the Aztecs in Aztec Magic Deluxe Slot. The Aztecs were known for their love of gold, so you are in for a treat with this slot. Take home up to a whopping 75,000 coins from a single spin, and use those provably fair buttons to make sure the win is on your terms.

There you have it, provably fair games guarantee you can be sure of the result and never feel cheated if your bet doesn’t come in. Don’t forget, all provably fair games at BitStarz Casino will automatically enter you into our Slot Wars and Table Wars promotions

What are you waiting for? Give these provably fair games a spin and join the revolution!