Winter Is Coming So Dress Warm and Conquer the Frozen Gems Slot

The frozen tundra is not really a place you go to for fun or to hang out. However, for whatever reason, Play’n GO decided it was a great idea and 9 months later, here comes the Frozen Gems slot. You can almost feel the frostbite clawing its way through your screen but nothing melts the ice like a win streak.

Some call it a winter wonderland but it takes heat to reveal the frozen gems and wins in this game. Bonus wilds, splitting scatters and free spins are waiting to be defrosted and by the warm temperatures you will bring with each win.

Open up the reels and the gems will follow suit, just make sure there is room in your pockets. Sub-zero degrees or not, a €200,000 max win will feel warm and cozy so let’s go get it!

Cascading Reels Are Here to Help

You can see the amount of colorful gems stuck deep inside the thick ice surrounding the 5 reels and 243 paylines. Centuries of cold temperatures have led up to this and unfortunately you don’t have a blowtorch to get them all but you should have no problem getting some of them by racking up a few wins. Cascading reels will make sure to do their part.


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On top of a high volatility and a 94.30% RTP, you will have everything you need for a good payday. The €200,000 max win is just the beginning and with a nice 10,000x multiplier you will have these gems loose and ready to go in no time.

Split the Symbols for Bigger Wins

Things tend to not work as normal when the temperature drops so prepare for a gameplay that is a little bit unconventional.

On the top row you will find the bonus reel which contains 5 positions that are covered in ice, at least to start off with. Each win will help crack the ice that has them stuck so if you can get 3 winning symbols or scatters, they will be unlocked.

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By doing this, you will also split the symbols on that reel into 2 or 3 pieces, opening up the paylines and thereby increasing the chances of more and bigger wins. When the bonus reel is fully expanded, you will be playing with 8,748 paylines, instead of the 243 you started with. Nice!

Frozen Free Spins

If you can land 3 scatters, you are off to the Frozen Spins feature with 9 free spins in your holster. With each win, your multiplier will get a nice boost of +1, so keep it going.

Keep in mind that you can build the multiplier as high as you want, as long as you land the wins needed. Piece of cake!

Split the Symbols, Not the Wins

As you can see, the splitting of symbols is what drives this game. It’s a breath of fresh air, literally, and we will happily keep playing the Frozen Gems slot.

Dressed for winter also means dressed for success in this case so you are on your way to the big wins once again!