Witness the Miracle of the 4 Seasons Slot as You Rack up the Wins

Some people prefer summer and heat all year around while others appreciate the change in colors and temperature even if Mother Earth can sometimes bring the harshest of climates. To each his own but one cannot deny the beauty in all seasons and in the 4 Seasons slot, we’ll be paying homage to them all.

In a Zodiac inspired game, all the animals are joining in to lead you down the path of success and if you need an extra hand, take a shot at the big bucks with the free spins.

Are you ready to dive into the 4 seasons and experience all they have to offer?

Winter Is Coming

Whatever the season may be, they all carry 5 reels and 30 paylines that will cover all that you need. With everybody from the tiger, snake, bunny, monkey to the mouse and the horse all gathered, you will quickly get a grip on the powers that lie within the zodiac. Then again, whatever will bring you a pile of cash like this you know the powers are real.

If you’re wondering if the seasons will change on the screen, the answer is yes. Every 90 spins a new season will come in with fresh excitement and a ton of energy.

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The Yin and Yang sign will pay its due by working as the scatter, bringing all of it together.


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You Can Get a Ton of Free Spins

By paying its due, we refer to being the one with the ability to give you free spins. It is actually quite generous as if you land 3 or more of the sign symbols you can get all the way up to 20 free spins. Not bad at all!

These babies can also be re-triggered which is always a bonus. When in free spin mode, you can also make full use of the Double Up feature that is a simple click away after you have landed a winning combo. Whether you will double your winnings or not comes down to a simple game of heads or tails. The Double Up button also works in the base game.

Something to Appreciate

You have to admit the changes in seasons is nothing less than a miracle and something to appreciate. Another thing worthy of appreciation is Slot Wars. Continue to play your favorite slots and advance in the rankings. If you manage to break into the top 40 by the end of the week, there will be a piece of the €5,000 waiting for you.