Win the Catch of the Day in 4 Fantastic Fish Slot

There’s nothing like jumping on a boat with a cooler full of beers and heading out for a fishing trip. Not only is it a great way to destress, but the fight for a prize marlin is also the best adrenaline kick you’re ever likely to find.

If you’re stuck in the city without a body of water in sight, you can cast out a virtual line and reel in big wins with 4 Fantastic Fish slot from 4ThePlayer.

Grab your sunblock and tackle box

4ThePlayer has a strange habit of including a number at the beginning of the name of each and every one of their slots, from 12 Trojan Mysteries to 10x Rewind and 60 Second Heist. I don’t know how long they can keep it up, but they’re continuing the trend with their latest release 4 Fantastic Fish slot.


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If you search for fish slots, you’re greeted by a fairly generic theme. Just above every search result will include the ocean, the sun, and a smiling fish. 4ThePlayer has deviated slightly with a swordfish instead of the standard goldfish, but the similarities in this genre are shocking.

Despite the slot being a little derivative, it still looks great. The graphics are good with a large variety of individual fish, the standard low-paying numbered symbols turned into lures, and a few interesting high-paying symbols. The shark and giant squid bonus features include some really great animation that is worth the price of admission.

Gone fishing!

Are you ready to cast out your line and reel in some fresh wins?

Let’s start with the base game. On any spin, a giant squid can randomly appear. When it does, it will move fish symbols around to create or improve a winning combination. The only other base game bonus feature the slot offers is a wild that will substitute for other symbols to complete winnings combinations.

If you’re looking for big wins, however, you’re going to have to head out to deeper water. The appearance of three or more swordfish bonus symbols triggers the respin bonus. Once triggered, the reels that did not feature a swordfish bonus symbol will be locked, leaving the rest of the reels to spin. You will have three respins to add additional fish cash symbols to the reels. The value that appears on each fish will be added to a running total as they appear on the reels. If you add at least one fish cash symbol, your respins will be reset. However, if you go three respins without adding one, the round will be over, and your winnings will be calculated. That’s the basics. Then we get sharks.


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When you fill an entire reel with fish cash symbols, a shark will swim through, gobbling up all the fish and clearing the reel. The values of all the fish will be combined, and that value will be added to your total, which essentially doubles the winnings for that reel. Additionally, with the reel cleared, you have the chance to fill it up with fresh fish cash symbols.

In addition to sharks, giant squids can also appear during the bonus game. Much like in the base game, this bonus feature will move fish symbols around and place them on empty spots, essentially awarding you cash prizes.

If you’re not willing to wait for the wins to bite, you can select to buy a round of the respin bonus. However, you should be aware that if you’re not careful, you may end up paying more than you win, leaving you with the smell of rotting fish.

Is 4 Fantastic Fish slot fresh or fishy?

Is 4 Fantastic Fish slot something unique that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else? No, it’s not. In fact, the slot is fairly derivative following a fairly standard formula that has been adopted by countless other game providers. It does, however, offer some great graphics and a few interesting themed bonus features.

The slot has a fairly average 96% RTP rating, but that’s more than made up for with a €225,000 potential max win that you can chase with a €15 a spin bet thanks to that 15,000x max multiplier.

If you’re looking for a few other interesting deep sea slots, I recommend giving Jellyfish Flow and Ocean’s Treasure a go.