The BigBot Crew are Here to Help You Score Mega Wins!

Robots have the potential to be really handy and change our lives for the better. But on the other hand, if we trust them too much, they could take over the world and run us all out of jobs. Heck, we’ve read articles written by AI and it’s safe to say, we’re worried for our jobs already. But today, we’re bringing you some of the coolest bots that are here to make life easier and safer – how cute could that be!

Get ready to meet the BigBot Crew slot so that they can patrol the town and keep you safe from everything that goes bump in the night – they might come in handy come Halloween!

Fixing Things and Fighting Evil

These little bots come in all shapes and sizes, but there’s one mighty bot lurking on the reels, and he’s the real deal. You’re not going to want to mess with this 10-foot-tall robotic giant, so behave and he’ll be nice to you. If you ask this member of the BigBot crew nicely, he’ll turn into a set of fully stacked wilds, which will go a long way towards boosting your bankroll.

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If you’re after the stats, look no further. Featuring a high volatility and an RTP of 96.51%, BigBot crew have the tools they need to turn your bankroll from sad to happy with the big win potential. Landing the BigBot on the reels in a winning payline will trigger a Roboto respin, where he’ll remain as a fully stacked wild and give you one more shot to win big – how helpful is that!

Free Spins are Better with Robot Friends

The BigBot Crew certainly know how to have a good time, and they’re here to give you the best experience possible. Landing three or more bonus engines on the reels will trigger free spins mode, and this is where the biggest wins all live. If you land a Roboto wild on the reels, you’ll get one extra spin and he’ll then stay flying around the reels as a fully stacked wild for the remainder of your spins, guiding you to fortune and glory!

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The fast-paced soundtrack in BigBot Crew will keep your heart racing and your finger on the trigger as you spin the reels. You’ll quickly become faster and better at playing slots than the BigBot Crew thanks to the tips they’ll dish out – so make sure you’re paying attention. BigBot Crew is a ton of fun and the graphics are very crisp – something we love to see!