Skye Schmidt

Slot Of Money Slot Review

I once had a friend, Murray, who was a self-purported font of all knowledge, which by itself was as aggravating as !%#@^. But he had a few other annoying traits:

He addressed everybody formally by their surname (i.e., Mr or Mrs...).
Murray had a habit of speaking slowly, like you the listener were mentally impaired and needed him to slow things down.
He was a legendary miser.

OK – come to think of it, he wasn't really a friend – more like a mutual acquaintance. Anyway, one day Murray goes off to Vegas with a group from his office. Everybody's spending money right left and centre.- 100 dollars on Blackjack, 200 on Roulette and so on. Meantime Murray's sitting with them milking the free drink offers that are coming round – the guy hasn't gambled a dime!
Someone calls him out on it, and he says he's waiting for later. When later comes, they persist because there's nothing worse than losing alone.

So reluctantly Murray, feeling pressurized, walks over to a slot. Apparently, it was the slowest taking out of a wallet in the history of mankind. This was really killing him, but he takes out a crisp one dollar bill and with a grimace slides it into the slot like he was sacrificing his firstborn child.
He flinches as the reels spin and to everybody's disbelief, alarm bells start to ring above the slot and red led lights flash: $97 615 WIN.
After probably vomiting in their shoes. his co-workers congratulate him and naturally, got ready to celebrate the windfall with him. However that was the last they saw of Murray – he had wagered the dollar, and that was the total expenditure Las Vegas would ever get from him.

What would I do if I won that amount? Well, I probably wouldn't be able to remember in the morning. GameArt's Slot of Money video slot has a lead character who cracks it in Vegas and then lives the high life. Truth be told he looked disturbingly similar to Murray!
The razzmatazz of Sin City is captured perfectly, complete with the iconic Bellagio fountains in the background.


Slot of Money has a medium volatility with 5 reels and 20 paylines. The wild is the douchy looking lucky winner and he can replace any symbol expect for the scatter, which is the landmark “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. The standard symbols are 9-Ace icons, champagne, boat, sports car, a fancy watch and 2 other signs (“Jackie O” and “Rome”).
The controls are in standard Gamneart design (Cmon guys, mix it up a bit next time) and all are lined up below the game screen: Settings, Paytable, Bet Per Line, Autoplay, Spin, Balance, Total Bet and Win Amount.
There's no Turbospin, but hey – if you move a bit slower, the slot seems faster. (That's a joke!)


  • After each winning spin in regular play you get a chance to Gamble your profits on a simple double or nothing card color selection.

  • 3 Scatters anywhere activates 5 retriggerable Free Spins during which the Cascading Wilds feature (discussed later) will come into play when least one picture symbol (all standard symbols barring face card letters) is in view.

Unique Features

Cascading Wilds: In regular play, when two scatters appear on consecutive reels and a picture symbol is present anywhere, this feature is triggered. Wins are regularly paid and then all picture symbols disappear and other symbols fall to fill the empty spaces. Any new falling symbol is wild and at the end of the cascade wins are paid again.


The graphics are slightly retro and therefore limited, but the background is impressive. I was a bit disappointed by the music and sound effects as they were all too familiar.
Slot of Money shone through all performance tests with flying colors.


While hardly groundbreaking, Slot of Money has enough variance in its player rewards to make it worthy of trying. I particularly enjoyed the Cascading Wilds and once muted, actually spent quite a long time playing this game. Of course no doubt tonightI will have nightmares about Murray – curse you GaemeArt!

Slot Details

Software: GameArt
Game Type: Video Slots
Paylines: 20
Reels: 5
Bonus Game: No
Progressive: No
Free Spins: Yes

Published by:
BitStarz, award-winning Bitcoin Casino