$281,531.75 BIG WIN: It Seems Buffalo are Big Win Beasts!

On the slots, buffalo are everywhere. You’ll see more of them there than on safari, I can tell you that much.

They’re part of the Big 5, alongside lions, leopards, rhinos, and elephants. But why do game providers prefer creating games filled with buffalo over the other top dangerous dudes?

The answer to that is… crickets. I have no idea whatsoever. All I know is that one buffalo-themed slot certainly stands out amongst the herd, and that is Buffalo Hold and Win slot.

Yesterday we had a wild win on this game, which is the second whopper on this slot this year! Booming Games must be feeding them gold-plated grass because these beasts know how to deliver big bucks.

Buffalo everywhere

The most recent big win on Buffalo Hold and Win slot was $281,531.75. That is one hell of a number. And this was achieved yesterday only – I’m sure the lucky player is still letting it all sink in.

In February, we had the other, earning a player $207,378. Damn! Not bad for a day of playing in the wilderness, hey?

While Buffalo Hold and Win slot seems to stampede right over its competitors, I’ll still be that person who names the countless buffalo slots you can play here at BitStarz… Ready?

There is Buffalo 50 slot, Buffalo Stack’n’Sync slot, Buffalo Blox slot, Wild Buffalo slot, Buffalo Rampage slot, Buffalo Win slot, Thundering Buffalo: Jackpot Dash slot, Buffalo Coin: Hold the Spin slot, and, ok, that’s enough.

Also, let’s not forget about their cousins, the bison, and all the slots around those fluffy cows.

Today, my focus is on the big winning slot, of course – so walk with me through the wild…


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Fantastic Free Spins

The thing that attracts me the most to slots is their features. And pretty much every slot has some.

Buffalo Hold and Win slot has two excellent features, and while they aren’t ground-breaking, they can be very rewarding to play.

First up is the Free Spins feature. We’re all familiar with these. What’s different about them in this high volatility game is that you’ll only be spinning with major symbols, meaning the Card Deck Royals get dissed to give you the optimal chance of winning bigger.

You’ll also find Stacked Wilds throughout the main game and the Free Spins feature – which is always a plus.


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The almighty Hold and Win

If you’ve been reading my rants, then you’ll know the Hold and Win mechanic is my absolute favorite feature of all. More so than Megaways, more so than Pick’n Wins. The Hold and Win is my hero.

And making Buffalo Hold and Win slot‘s version that much better is the jackpots you could win. Hitting the Grand Jackpot will pay you 1,000x your bet.

Maybe this is what caused yesterday’s incredible big win. I wouldn’t be surprised.

It’s simple, collect the coins and rack up the riches with 3 respins that refill with each new coin that lands on the grid.


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Buffalo Hold and Win for the win!

With two massive wins this year on Buffalo Hold and Win slot, I reckon this game should be on your radar.

And if you want to share the love and see where that takes you, then you could give the other buffalo slots a try… They all have something to offer, including wicked wins.

Find YOUR buffalo slot at BitStarz and trample down those treasures like our winner did!